17/11/2015 05:34

Friend, our King and Saviour asks us every day if we will acknowledge Him each morning and follow Him through our day.

Firstly He would like us to put aside the critic's voice in our head that makes up a big part of our ego. It tells us that others are not this or that according to our world vision.

Starting in the home let us not be critical of each other and then taking it into the workplace try to practise being uncritical of our workmates, customers, managers and the general public out in the rest of the world.

Friend, try to get through one day! It is not an easy task. Our ego wants to be the top dog! It can find fault wth anybody and anything!

That critical voice is a difficult one to stop, but it must be stopped because it is the voice of evil. It will take you into deeper territory and cause you all kinds of trouble.

We must not let go of reason that is touched with Godliness.  There is a fine line Jesus wants you to walk. Godly discernment without criticism is more like wisdom.

Today let this be your goal - to walk in wisdom.