To Forgive

31/03/2016 10:47

Friend, are you finding it hard to forgive yourself, now that you know you are a sinner; even if saved by Grace and Mercy?

Allow the Joy of the Lord to invade your soul. He died so you might be saved from eternal death.

His Blood shed at Calvary on the Cross, was shed for your sins as a payment for them. What He endured is sufficient for your sins to be forgiven.

He is the Forgiver, and you are, or can be the receiver of Forgiveness.

Holy God sees you as Forgiven. He sees the Blood of His Son Jesus, covering you, and He knows you are Forgiven.

Those without the Holy Blood Covering will not enter the Kingdom of God.

Holy Law has a Plan for them.

The Bible says we sin against God even when we sin against our fellow man.

All sin is against God.

To not forgive is to sin.

God asks us to forgive as He does.

It gets tricky when one person is walking in Godliness and the other is not.

Forgive and move on. We don't have to associate with the ungodly. Especiaflly if they demonstrate in their behaviour or words that they will continue to offend you. Generally this can be evil baiting you.

Learn your lesson, pray about the situation, listen to the Spirit, forgive and move on.