Today's Grace

30/11/2015 07:36

Friend, you have been given another day of Grace?

How will you live it?

In denial of God's Mercy or in gratitude?

Choose today to spend the whole day differently than previous days.

Acknowledge God first - "Good morning, Lord, help me through my day, please. I acknowledge your Kingship."

Put aside certain thoughts. Choose one thing in your makeup that you will not do. Be rid of it and the damage it does to your mind which then affects your body.

Perhaps it's a thought pattern - critical, unloving. Perhaps it's anger at something that always happens - today choose to see that situation differently.

Is there something you wish you could stop doing and every day you slip into the same old, same old way, and you are left feeling defeated?

No, today let this one day be different! Focus and try and try again if you fail. Make it through the day and be victorious over the issue even if it is only a small victory.

Prove to yourself that you can do it with the help of Holy Spirit.

At the end of the day, examine your processes and victories and thank Him.

This is how you go day by day learning and teaching yourself new skills in the Lord. The Lord extends new Grace and Mercy to us each morning. We can start afresh every day.

Soon we find ourselves becoming strong in areas and of course, the world being evil will try to break you down and give you losses, but don't worry, "Stronger is He that is in you, than he (satan, your accusser) that is in the world."

If you want it, Victory will be yours. Jesus died so you could have Victory.

Just trust Him.