Travel Light

23/02/2015 09:00

Friend, the Lord asks us to cast our burdens on Him and take on a light burden of walking with Him.

Old sins, past guilts and fears are heavy burdens.  Lay them all at the foot of the Cross and He will take them from you.  Be free now!

Recognize what your issues are and speak to the Lord about them.  What is it that you fear?  Tell Him!

What is the sin that weighs you down so heavily you cannot function?  Tell Him!

What about those little sins that you want to keep hold of?  Throw them off and tell Him about them!

Be rid of all that old stuff!   Peel back the layers of past burdens. Let Him be your guide.  Go to Him over and over again.  He will see you through the problem. 

He delights in your newfound need of Him. 

He is ever there and waiting for you to unburden yourself so that He can fill you with new Hope and Peace and show you a new way of living - that will bring you a lightness you have never before known.