25/04/2015 19:53

Friend, trials reveal to our inner self, the true condition of our soul.

They can be a help to us because they reveal our lack of preparation and knowledge of spiritual things.

When we know and believe God's promises, His Words of encouragement and Truth we are able to stand and let the trial hit us full force and we will have the armour and tools/weapons to deal with the trial.  

Trials are necessary for this reason.  They show our lack.

We can go to the Holy Word to find our answers.  We can go to God in prayer and we can worship and praise Him to bring us closer to Him. 

The closer we get to Him, the more protected we are.  The more we know of Him the more we are attuned to evil's ways and the more we see adversity for what it is.

We find that excuses do not matter to God.  He sees past them and will not entertain them. He insists we deal with reality and spiritual things.  Excuses are just that, excuses - they are nothing, they carry no Truth and are therefore not valid.

We must overcome being an excuses person.  The world accepts it but Father God will not.

Be willing to cooperate with God as He leads you to Victory over excuses.