Pluck Out Evil Thoughts

17/05/2016 08:45

Friend, isn't the world a scary place!

So much hate and anger in people's hearts!

Desperation and fear chase those who are directly involved in the chaos.

But for the believer, we can have the Peace of God in our hearts to balance the troubles we see and experience in the world.

The time has not come yet when we will be free of the trouble of the world. So it is a daily experience for us to wake up to violence being perpetrated, and great calamities causing disharmony, in our beautiful world

Many are they who choose the wrong path and are deceived by satan and his great army of demons. This world is the playground of evil powers and they delight in hurting God's people and keeping others enslaved in abnormal activities; using them to further their evil plots and plans against sometimes, even their own.

Friend, examine your heart and mind! Pluck out anything that resembles an evil way of thinking. It will blossom and bloom into pure evil if left to fester and grow.

Ask Jesus to help you. That is the key for Him to help. You must ask and in asking you are saying that He exists.

That is the begining of belief.

See what He will do. Have an expectant heart. You do not have any of the answers, so have a willing heart to see what God can do.

He is the Righteous One. Our measly righteousness is not something He can accept so do away with it.

There's a lot of talk in the world about how we all deserve the best and how we are all great and wonderful human beings, but we cannot lay claim to these attributes when we stand before a Holy God.

We will see they are old and filthy rags that will fall away from our soul and leave us exposed. All our stupidity will be on full view for the billions of souls to see who we stand amongst at the Great Judgement.

A stupid goat that's what we'll be. All our bravado and puffed up thinking will have been for nought. And all the attacks we made on others will be in full view.

Today is the day to grasp the Truth and to move forward with deliberate choices for Goodness.