True Condition Of The Soul

10/11/2015 08:56

Friend, God allows certain trials in our lives as a means for us to be aware of the condition of our soul.

All of us experience trials.

If you're honest with yourself you will know those times when going through a trial you have said to yourself, "I have been so selfish" or, "I am the one who needs to change." 

Many are the regrets of, "If only I had done "that" differently."

In the trial we will see our weakness, our inability to step up, to change, to try to remove a psychological roadblock.

But, friend, God has allowed trials for just this purpose.

He wants us to listen to Him and follow His lead and make the change or changes within our spirit and continue on through the trial until we have sharpened our ability to stay the course, in the new Way for our soul.

Be steadfast in the changes you make, and recognize every new challenge to your new promise - that you have made to both God and your soul. Stay the course. Let Jesus be the anchor that holds you to the New Truth you have learned.

Friend, do you see that trials are necessary?  Isn't God Good?  He allows this as a Gift for you. When you can look upon a trial as a Gift, you have won the battle in that area of your life.

There are no excuses for not overcoming the trial that besets you. Do not allow failure to be yours because you will stand before God and He may say to you, "I did not know you. Your soul always had an excuse but look at all these billions who had the same trial and they stayed the Course with Me. You denied My Plan for your soul to be perfected, My instruction, therefore, My Diety. You did not want Me and I did not know you."

Friend, when your will is in close harmony with the Lord's there is nothing you cannot overcome.

Walk closely with Him. Speak to Him spirit to Spirit and be led and Loved by the Power of Almighty Jesus the King of all things.