Trust Him

15/01/2015 06:32

Friend, lets reach out and take the Lord's hand.  Feel the healing power flow through you!  Feel the love and receive the peace that He cannot keep for Himself.  It  is yours because you touched Him.

In faith you reached out to hold His hand and it is by Faith that you receive His Peace and Love.

All around you His robe flows and envelops you as you walk along the road of life with Him.  He has so much to show you and so much work to do in you to remove all the gunk that has built up as a seal to keep you from receiving His Love.

He is not to blame for the gunk.  Evil came in early to begin building it up. 

Evil started many generations ago, but today is your day to say, "Enough is enough!  I choose the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord. I will follow Him all the days of my life because He is Goodness, Light, and Love and this is what I want for me and my household and my future, forevermore."  Amen.

Friend, He is Trustworthy.  Just trust Him.  Know that in every circumstance, He is there. He is always on your side and will bring things about according to the perfect Law and Will of God for you. 

Always trust, even in the bad times.  Especially in the bad times. 

Your faith in Him will see you through any circumstance.  Know it!