Trusting In The Lord

18/02/2016 09:18

Friend, it is imperative for our souls that we place full trust in the Lord for what He has done, for what He is doing and for what He is going to do in our lives.

He desires nothing but the best for us. However we may have wandered far from Him. We may have had our back turned to Him our whole lives. We may be in not one, but many bondages of sin.

He knows the Way out for us. He sees all. There is nothing about you that surprises Him. He sees all your insecurities, your abnormalities, your idiosyncracies, your penchants, and so on.

We are foolish to keep walking away. What are you walking from? There is nothing you can hide.

Your unbelief is foolishness to Him. He sees what it does to you but you will not allow Him to help you!

To continue to think the same way will not change things in your life. You will still be on the receiving end of all the madness of the world, but have no Way out.

Today we have all the social interactions over the internet where we can find like minded souls to encourage us as we walk our treacherous path to hell. Be careful.

God has made a Way for you and it is availabel to you while you live on this earth.

It is the Faith in Jesus Way and involves you trusting that the Father sent His Son to be a Sacrifice for your sins.

Seek Truth. He reveals Himself to the sincere seeker..