Rise Into The Realms Of Joy

17/11/2016 10:49

Friend, today let it be your choice to rise into the realms of Joy, Peace, Love, & Generosity of spirit.

Every morning it is a choice; how we will conduct ourselves.

Choose to put on the armour of God to withstand the battle of the day and live in the inner sanctum of your soul.

While working and going about your daily chores, know that the barbs of the evil demonic agent of hell will not penetrate your calm and joyful inner being.

Have a thankful heart and mind. Know that God's Mercy is new for your each day as you arise. Claim it and walk in His Grace which He says is suffcient for you.

Allow His Holy angels to surround you and keep your spirit focused on what God has to say, and listen for His Voice to guide and direct your path.

Excuse yourself from the irrelevant battles. Yes you should speak up for the poor and downtrodden and help the weak and infirm and visit the elderly and be kind to the orphans and needy and help the animals and watch over your neighbours, bringing God's Love to all; but not getting caught in the snares set by satan within those earthly needs.

God asks us to be as wise as the cunning snake yet as gentle as the lovely dove.

He can make beauty from ashes, so do not worry or fear. Just trust the One Who can be trusted.

All His Purposes are for Good.

When your inner being is filled with kindness, and full of thankfulness, you will have Heavenly Joy in your spirit.