Turn Away

26/09/2015 11:23

Friend, we must turn away from the dark and resentful thoughts that weigh us down and depress our spirit.

This is satan's way of keeping us bound.

He makes us feel sorry for ourselves. He loves to go on about our weaknesses and lack of ability in some sphere of life. He sends out demons to entice us into ungodly ways and lifestyles. He fills our head with egotistical thoughts that tell us we deserve something that we don't have.

He has many ways and is always inventing more. But he is a liar and a cheat and a thief and it is your soul he is after. He holds nothing back from trying to acheive dominance of your soul.

He will act as a creature of light to fool those who seek after goodness and light in order to trap them.

Beware, beware, beware of satan and his army of demonic spirits who prowl around seeking whom they may destroy!

Don't let it be you friend. You can be a victor in Jesus, not the victim of the unholy devil.

Belief in the Son of God, Jesus, is the starting point for you to have an ally, whose name is Holy Spirit and Who is God also.

Right now you can be transformed into a believer by accepting the Gift of eternal life that Jesus is holding out to you.

Do you accept it, friend?