Unanswered Prayer

16/09/2014 10:04

Prayers - they are all answered in one of these ways - "yes", "no", or "wait."

If you are a practising born again Christian you will know not to even ask for the "No" prayers.  You will know God's Word enough and be able to hear Him speaking to you that before you even say the words in prayer, you know it is not something God will do according to His Law of Justice. 

But He is a Merciful God and a Generous God so there are many prayers that He will grant the desires of the heart, to a faithful follower.  But, friend, do not let these prayers be your only prayers.  It is much better to receive from Him when you have never asked for anything. It too, is so delightful to receive something that you have asked for!

The prayer that is answered after much waiting is the most significant in most people's life because many times, we have given up and even forgotten about it when there it appears and we look back over the time from when we prayed and find He was faithful in so many stops and turns along the way. 

These bring great joy because we see the working of His hands and we see how He blessed others in the process when we only prayed for a small portion of what He gave.

Be faithful in prayer and in your praise and blessing of Jesus and in your growing in knowledge through the reading of His Word and your reward will be great - especially in Heaven.

Many times our circumstances can't be changed - we're still in that family or married to that  person, work in that job, have that disability or illness, but God will use those circumstances to strengthen you and sharpen steel against steel.

He will make a Way where there is no way.  He can do the impossible.  He has a Plan for you.

Don't allow your circumstances to be the stumbling block.  Look up and reach out to Him with your heart and mind.  Tell Him you want to know Him.  Ask Him to help you.

Blessings, my friend.