07/03/2016 10:58

Friend, do you agree that you are undeserving of God's Love?

That fact is, that the Bible, God's Holy Word shows us that we all are ; before we receive the Gift of Forgiveness. It is offered to us from the Redemptive Work of Jesus, by His death and Resurrection, fulfilling God's Holy Law of Love for us, who have been led astray and understand, that God sent His Son to be our Saviour.

God made a Way for us to be deserving of His Love. His Son was sent as a Sacrifice for us who believe in the One True God.

The Holy Spirit works with our spirit to show us that we are sinners, undeserving. He is tireless in His efforts to show us how we err. He is tireless in His efforts to reveal the Son of God to us.

We of course have free will and merrily go about our days believing we are our own righteousness. How we love to be "right" in everything. The world these days even tells us that nothing we do is wrong. All things are permissable, (says satan). We may see something someone else is doing and say, "That is wrong."  But if we looked at our own lives as God does, we would see that we are incorrect in most of our choices; they're sinful in some way.

God is invested in our hearts and minds. And this is the area He judges.

Our minds and hearts must accept Jesus, to be judged righteous before God.

We must recognize we are a sinner. We must repent to God and accept His Son as our Saviour who died to Redeem us from sin. This is the only Way to Eternal Life in the Light; through God's Son, Jesus.

God says that is the only Way He will accept because all other ways are tainted by satan in some way.

Otherwise, His Death was not needed. If all good people can go to Heaven why did the Son have to die? No, the Father had a Plan and Jesus executed it in Perfection.

If we cannot bow the knee to the Son, then we cannot have Eternal Life in Peace, Love and Truth; but we will inherit what satan through his rebellion and enmity with God has brought into being, darkness, terror, pain, eternal thirst, horror.

Pure evil will reign in hell.

Most evil people in this world will never be able to take it and will writhe in sheer agony, realizing their mistakes, crying out for forgiveness. But, God says it will be too late.

They will have grieved the Holy Spirit who was with them 24/7 during their lives, never tiring of trying to reveal Jesus.

And yes, this blog is one way the Spirit moves, through an undeserving human who believes.

Satan deceives us into thinking this world is a big party with dancing and joy when in fact we're like the first Jews at the concentration camp thinking we're going to take a shower! The surprise comes after we go through the door of death.

You have been witnessed to.