29/11/2015 20:28

Friend, are you unhappy?

Here's a reminder that God is not unhappy ever. He is full of Joy!

Think about it. Could a Pure God, be unhappy? No.

So where does your unhappiness come from?

Self pity? Straight from the devil. Things aren't going good for me?  Straight from the devil.

Don't be a pawn of satan. He deceives us into thinking God is not for us and this is the reason we are unhappy but in fact it is he who deceives you, with all his worldy ways, into thinking that God has abandoned you.

NO!  God in the form of Jesus the Son of God part of the three part Godhead, left all the beauty and riches of Heaven and took on the lowly form of a man and entered this sinfilled world to fulfil a plan of God the Father to both give the devil his due, a place of principality, and a place for those who would be born into this world to discover Almighty God through His Son's Sacrifice.

That's you and me. We have a chance to find the Love of Jesus, through His Sacrifical Gift of what the Cross symbolizes, death to the body, and resurrection of the Soul into fellowship with the Son, who God has chosen to be the Pure and Holy and only Sacrifice, that could count as a payment for the sins of the world.

Satan will never repent. He is so filled with evil that he just wants to hurt God by taking as many souls with him to hell that he can continue to torment for his own demise - at least he will be king in the Lake of Fire that is prepared for him to be punished in.

I would never want this for my soul and nor do I want it for any of my family or friends or any good and naive people who haven't as yet understood the Great Plan of God.

This is why these blog entries are always pointing to Jesus as the Way, the Light, the Truth and the Peace for our souls.

Isn't this what a Holy God would put in place for us, the little sinner that needs a Saviour?

No friend, unhappiness is from satan and if you are caught up in it, in the form of depression, know the source and begin to change your thoughts to agree with God in all things.

Place all your trust in Him who is Trustworthy, Loveable, Righteous in all His undertakings, always according to the pure and unaduterated Law of God which is ours and Holy, never changing. It is the Truth we can count on to find our Way in this sin filled world.

Rebuke unhappiness and depression from your life and grow in the Knowledge of Him, who died so you might have Life Eternal and live it more abundanty whilst here on earth.

Be blessed by this knowledge and apply it to your life and circumstances begining now!