We Cannot Hide

18/02/2015 09:36

Friend, no-one can hide from the Holy Spirit.  Even sinners.

He sees and knows all.  He is God.

With the Holy Spirit the believer can soar to heights we could never imagine.  In Him we are able to do all things. We are able to move out of our comfort zone and do things we would have said as an unbeliever, that we could never do.

One of these things is to talk about Jesus to an unbeliever.  This is our natural service to God.  To share the gospel with others.  But, we should never speak without the Spirit.  Our words will be dry and bear no fruit when we forge ahead on our own without Him leading. They may even lead another astray or cause them to never want to know Jesus.  So be careful.  Another soul cannot be argued into the Kingdom.  It is Love that will entice another.

The Holy Spirit will always lead and guide you.  Prayer is the key to communion with the Spirit and knowing the scriptures is the way He communicates with you.

Friend, I encourage you to set about learning about Jesus through the reading of the Holy Bible.  The Old Testament has many prophecies of Jesus's birth, death and resurrection and it shows how God has moved for His people and how He set up an inheritance for His people.  The New Testament tells of the coming of our Lord and shows how God fulfilled His prophecies. 

Jesus teaches in the New Testament, and the Holy Spirit working through the Disciples and Apostles, guide us into deeper knowledge of who we are and how to live so we can claim our inheritance.

The Holy Spirit desires that you come to Him for comfort and counselling.  He will put a new desire in you.


Lord God, please forgive my sins. I come to you in spirit and ask for the Holy Spirit to comfort me and teach me all He has for me. I am willing.  Holy Spirit, I release all earthly desires that I have been holding on to and ask You to fill me with your Spirit.  I wish to know more about You Lord and I want to walk in the Way of the Spirit. In Jesus's name. Amen