We Do Not Know The Way

08/11/2014 20:15



It's the Truth - we do not know the way, but our Saviour does.

He tells us He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and Light for our journey through this life.

Why do we resist?

Even now He is checking you, He is reaching out the rod to correct your wanderings. But you won't go the Way he shows you.  You kick up your heel at Him to say, "leave me alone while I eat in this pasture.  I'll come when I'm good and ready."

I have a new puppy.  He's four months old now, and he is like this.  I know the way on our walks but he is all over the place.  He wants to walk through the burrs and get them not only in his baby pink little paws but on his coat of fur. When I stop to give him water, he will run after another dog and forget that he needs the water because it's a hot day and we have walked a ways down the road and have to walk back.  I am like his shepherd, his carer, the mamma dog, but he doesn't want to know about that.  He wants to run joyfully wherever he wants and bite at whatever he wants and eat the bad plants if he wants to.

We are like this little puppy - to God.  He is looking out for us, but we want to do our own thing.

Friend, try not to be so wilful.  Trust that God is good and is making the way clear for you.

Never doubt that He loves you and has your soul and your flesh in His hands, lovingly caring for you.