We Long For Peace

16/01/2015 07:21

The world is in turmoil with wars and clashes everywhere with many people in danger who are innocent - just caught in their country where they have no way clearly to depart without losing everything they have known.

In situations like this we must seek out the Lord for His Guidance.

He strives to bring Peace but man has his own agenda and wilfully and angrily attack the innocent to gain their own will.

Those attackers have their own god and it is not a god of Peace.  Many of them are deluded in their thinking. They attribute the things of God Almighty, the One and Only Pure and Holy God to their small god and because they have small victories, believe they are right.

If the attackers were fully surrendered to God, they would not be attacking the innocent. 

They would long for peace and do everything in their power to live peacefully with their neighbours.

Only the Wisdom of Jesus and the Way of God the Father who is Jesus can bring us Perfect Peace and if we wish to have this we must give up all our imperfect ways and seek Wisdom like Solomon and bow to the Perfect Will for our lives.

God is Merciful and will strive with you to overcome your previous thinking and unhealthy living - just surrender to His Mercy and live victoriously in Him.