We Love To Reason

01/06/2015 12:19

Friend, are you addicted to reasoning? Must you come to a conclusion that your reasoning has told you must be correct - because you are at the end of the matter?

Have you "found" the answers?  Is it settled for you how the world was created, how evolution works, why there is no God, how humans must move forward, who must be eliminated from life, how to think?

Will you not entertain a new Truth? Can you not believe that there are mysteries that cannot be fathomned by our finite mind?

Do you not see that this a a form of pride?  Your imaginings are false foundations and it will not be good for your soul if at the end of your life you are still enmeshed in this way of being.

There is a God who is above you!  He asks you to open your mind to His existence.  Allow the Light of His Magnificent Beauty to shine on you and give you peace.

Let Him be the One who is in control of your body, mind, soul, spirit, as you walk through this life.  Ask for His Goodness and Mercy and Grace to be yours.

He loves you and wants you to find Him in seeking for Truth as part of your human reasoning.