We Must Tune Our Ears To Him

05/02/2016 12:20

Friend, the Voice of the Lord is Mighty, yet it is conveyed to our inner spirit as a still small voice.

We must tune out the noises and voices of the world in order to allow the still small Voice of the Lord to be heard.

All of us are constantly talking within ourselves even when our lips are sealed.

That inner voice must be calmed and silenced.

It is easier on us to do this, than for the Lord to have to speak loudly to us in ways that can bring about jarring circumstances to our lives in order for us to "hear" Him.

He would rather we stop and listen to Him so He can gently and lovingly speak to us of the danger up ahead; the immediate need of someone else; and so much more to do with both our spiritual and physical lives.

Still the inner voices, and wait on Him. Go about your days with the confidence that He is guiding you, and be available to Him at all times for reproof and correction.

Read His Word to become familiar with how He speaks, and you will hear Him speak to you through His Word.

Things like, "My Grace is sufficient for the day" when you are facing a dilemma.

"I love you with an everlasting Love" when you feel unloved.

"All things come together for good to those who love Me" when you do not see the way out of trouble.

The Scriptures are filled with Words of Truth for each one of us and He expects us to embrace His Word.