God Is Above All

11/07/2016 10:42

Friend, where we position God in our lives really does affect how our life plays out.

The world is in turmoil and if we all looked to God as owning all the Power, being Holy, Perfect, Pure and All-Knowing we would fall into the position we are meant to be in and He could lead and guide us into Peace and Love.

But, we want our own way. We want to theorize and stick to our own small minded ways believing we are "right" in all we do and think.

We should humble our souls before Mighty God and fall into place as the follower, believer.

This is the correct placement for humans.

God leading, His Light guiding us on the Righteous Path to Victory over evil.

Each of us individually has this duty.

Let today be the day when we walk in His Light following Him, giving Him full allegiance.