27/05/2016 11:09

Friend, have you discovered that in spite of your self, you are weak?

We fool ourselves all the time. Self-love tells us to disguise our weakness and promote the ego.

Ego is the greatest self harmer we have.

It fights against us when we try to walk the Path of Righteousness with our Lord Jesus.

It allows us to fool ourselves into thinking we are in full control and does it's best to disguise our inner turmoil.

To the world the ego says we must be strong; in control; above others; all knowing; the life of the party, etc.

But God sees the real us. He knows that ego must be diminished to nothing, for His Truth to be revealed to us.

God wants us to depend on Him; as in the past we have depended on ego.

When you realize that God is the Great One, and you are nothing compared to Him; and never will be in your sinful state, then the mind is ready to be open to Truth. You have discovered your weakness and it is profoundly humbling to realize!

The knowledge that we are weak, truly weak, should  bring about a humility and a discarding of ego.

Ego has done us no good and will get in the way of our new found Truth.

When we are able to quickly understand and let go of all the worldy things that have prevented us from knowing our Lord, then we will make astounding progress in the spiritual body, the soul.

This new demeanor with the Lord, draws Him closer to us with all His wonderful blessings for us.

It is Truth that releases the blessings. God knows when we are falsely walking with Him .

We cannot fool God. We only ever fool our "self".