What Do you Need to Leave Behind?

30/07/2014 11:26

Dearest one, 

In order to move forward you may have to leave something behind!

Oh no, we say! I need all my stuff.  It is who I am. 

How funny we must seem to the heavenly spirits who encompass us - carrying our stuff everywhere, dragging it even, when we plainly have too much.

Most of the time we are not aware of the baggage it is so much a part of our being, but when a change comes on the horizon, we immediately start to guard our stuff so it doesn't get left behind or taken from us.

Yet if we were to be making a physical move with all our baggage and we found that it was going to be costly to get it to the next location we would agonize over things but eventually realize that many items had to be left behind.  Most of us would make those hard decisions in order to make the move.

We would find that we could live without those things that we thought we could not live without.

So it is the same with our interior life of the soul and spirit.

We can leave things behind and fill the space with new knowledge just as we have done all our life from childhood to now.  We found it easy to leave childhood behind and move on to teenage interests and beliefs. 

Later it gets harder to let things go but when we move on to the right spiritual path, it is glorious.  

The Holy Spirit is asking you to leave something behind and He wants to fill that space with His Presence so you can look out on the world with new spiritual eyes.

What is it that He asks you to leave behind? 

That first thought - that's the thing to leave behind.