What You Need

25/06/2016 09:54

Friend, we're always focused on what we need in our lives. Our minds are always calculating and conniving to "get".

The Lord asks us to leave it all to Him.

He wants us to lay aside all our worries, concerns, desires, and turn to face Him and let the Glow of His Glory bless us.

Bask in His Presence, friend.

Allow the Healing Power to flow into your soul.

Know that He is Goodness Personified. There is no one that has ever had or will have the Purity of Goodness that is He.

Reset your mind.

Today focus your mind on Godly things. Wisdom. Truth. Holy Love. Godly Peace.

When the thoughts you do not want start up, tell them to "be gone" in Jesus's Name.

Have a day in the fullness of God's Beauty. Simplify your existence.

Strip away all the unwanted messes. Declutter your mind and whatever else you need to do to come closer to God.

Speak to Him about drawing closer to Him and listen for His Guidance throughout the day.

Do not be deterred if you do not hear from Him, it's just the depth of the things you have cluttered up your life with that are drowning out the soft, gentle whisperings of Holy God, your Father in Heaven.

May God bless you as you move forward on the Path to the Kingdom of God.


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