Who Is God to You

15/06/2016 12:51

Friend, let these words be a starting point for you to realize your own set of words for understanding Who God is to you.

The Holy One

The Word of God

Jesus, Name Above All Names

Lord of Lords

King of Kings

Lover of my soul

Friend to the friendless

Healer of my body, mind, soul and spirit

Abba Father

Creator God

The Lawmaker 

He Is Law, Perfection, Beautiful, Glorious, Amazing

Possessor of all Knowledge

Truth, Love, Peace, Light

There is no darkness in Him - He does not cast a shadow

He knows all things

The Giver of all Good Gifts

Redeemer, Saviour

Teacher, Master

The Great Physician, Mathematician, Creator

Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent