Who Is Right?

14/08/2015 12:15

Friend, we all think we are right!

We all want to be agreed with.

Our way is the best way to do something!

Presidents, Prime Ministers, rulers of nations, all the television and movie personalities, all the leaders in our communities etc all say their way is the right way to live and have prosperity but really it's God's Word that is the only Truth.

If you're after Truth and Wisdom, and how to live your life to the fullest, the Holy Bible is the best guide you could place your faith in to lead you to truth, peace, love.  It is the guide that speaks to your spirit, your inner being.

Some read the Bible as a historical account of times gone by but when we read it with a seeker of truth, knowledge, and wisdom's heart, we will receive those attributes into our soul.  While the Bible can be proved historically, the soul who only seeks that aspect will only be given that information.

God is looking for the growth of the soul into the knowledge of Him - because He is Righteous.

This is our main duty and it is the thing that satan seeks to keep us from.

Don't you feel it?  Satan's tugging you away from Godly things?  Keeping you over in a corner somewhere attending to stupidness, over and over again.

Decide today to acknowledge that God is extending His arm to you.  Decide to put your hand in His.

It's that simple.