Who Is The Holy Spirit?

17/01/2015 07:20

The Spirit of God is our Intercessor, Counsellor, Comforter who searches all things and therefore knows all things.  He intercedes between us and God for our needs.  He is the one who, when we pray, fully expresses our pain and longing and request before the Throne of Grace and Mercy for us because our words are not full enough to describe our circumstance and need.

And friend, do not forget - He is God.

His work on our behalf is the thing that touches the heart of our Lord and releases the answer to our requests.

Find a place where you can pray uninterrupted - a "prayer closet."

In this place begin to pray and allow the Spirit to lead you as you feel His Presence. 

Your prayers will become more intense and you will be prompted when your words are wrong or against the Will of God.  The Spirit will teach you how to pray in these prayer times.  He will give you a beautiful experience if you will allow Him full sway in your heart and mind. 

You will begin to see that you are changing and growing in the Lord, and also that other lives are changing for the better also because you will be knitted together with the Spirit and all the others who pray and your requests will be presented powerfully and beautifully before the Great Throne of God.

You will be connected to the Triune God - Father, Son and Spirit.

And God will understand them and His Will, will be done.