28/11/2015 15:16

Friend, it's important not to be wilful like a child who must have his own way even though it leads to hurt and bother.

Wilfulness is something the Lord asks us to be rid of.

It is the one thing that will keep us from learning, growing and receiving the blessings of the Kingdom.

Commit to being able to be taught the Truth.  When wilful thoughts and actions start to pour out of you, remember the wilful child who always gets hurt when they continue on the wilful path.  Mother asks them to stop and warns of the consequences, but as soon as she goes about her business, there is little Johnny jumping off the sofa again and soon he hits his head on something and there's blood everywhere along with the screaming and crying!

The next day, bandaged, he's doing the same thing again! Wilfulness.

He hasn't learned a thing.

Jesus sees our wilfulness as a desire to do our own thing and He knows we will not learn anything or even hear anything He says to us when we are wilful.

We may want to know about Him and enjoy all the benefits but we want to be wilful as well.

The Lord knows and sees this in us and it is a barrier to Him helping us.

Today if you are convicted in the spirit that you do this, then be a Truth-seeker and decide to abandon those ways. Where have they got you anyway? Only trouble probably.

Reach out and take His hand and bow in silence and let all that wilfulness flow out of you into the ether.