Will you give God a chance?

17/07/2014 13:54

Will you give God a chance?

Many won't because in their mind they know so much better how the whole universe should be run.

Are they the ones who created these universes?  God is creating universes right now! Are they familiar with the inner workings of them?  Do they know every atom and have they formed that atom? Really, such arrogance!

All our best scientists can do is discover what God has wrought.  They do not create the human body, they dissect it and look under a microscope to give us their findings of which many times they are wrong - as proved by newer discoveries years later when more precise machines are invented. 

God knows all the answers and allows what He will for them to discover and still they give no glory to Him who has created the beauty they see. 

They like all of us should have a holy fear of God who can do these things!  He thinks anything He wants and it is so. 

He is in control and His Law of all that is prevails and will do so for all eternity.

When we accept this we can move forward and get to know Him - because He is a humble and magnificent God all at the same time.