05/04/2016 11:05

Friend, are you desiring a full spiritual life?

Withdrawing from the physical life whenever you have the chance is the answer.

We have to provide for ourselves and loved ones by going to work everyday, yes. But whenever we can, we need to be fully facing God with a heart full of reverence, a soul that's filled with humility and a spirit willing to be taught great knowledge.

When we have this attitude towards growing spiritually, God is drawn to that soul and cannot help Himself from filling us with all we need to grow in Kingdom Grace.

You will find answers to your problems and issues in this life. It will seemingly be by osmosis. The air around us changes, we seem to be on a different spiritual plane than unbelievers, yet we see that they too, can easily ascend to that plane.

Faith and belief is everything to God. That's what He requires for us to move fluidly through life with Him at the helm.

It doesn't matter where you are in your journey, age-wise, health-wise, belief-wise.

He will meet you where you are. Young or old, infirm or healthy, unbelieving or believing.

He has all you need and want and He is Willing to give to you according to His Will for your life.

He knows all the paths you have taken. He has heard all you have had to say about Him. He knows the Way forward.

Make the time to withdraw from the physical and allow your spirit to behold the Holy Spirit who waits for your acquiesence.

May God bless you as you make time for Him.