We Cannot See Without The Holy Spirit

13/10/2014 11:35

It's the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus to us.

Without Him we cannot see Jesus or understand Who God is.

On our own power we will only see  from a worldly perspective.  From this perspective we can only self realize a god of our own design or one that some other world figure has self-realized.  

Years ago I was on that path. But my dreams and day visions always led to a huge glowing golden cross that was at the end of the path, blocking my way forward. It was beautiful. It made me feel good to see it. There was no pride or even sense of accomplishment on my part, this was a gift and I finally got it.

I found Jesus mentioned in many of the books I read at that time and my mind would linger on Him more than other names also mentioned. Jesus and the Cross! (The Holy Spirit was showing me where to turn to).

I began to read also the New Testament at this time.  I know now it was the Holy Spirit guiding me to Him and showing me the Way forward in a way I would understand.

Is the Spirit of God nudging you, calling you, singing to you, showing you in books, nature, or the things and people you love, that He is trying to get your attention?

Have you been through, or are going through, trials or trouble or tribulations of any kind, and you are at the end of your rope and cannot see a way forward?  Are you just following the crowd and feeling empty but on the outside showing a full life? Look to Him.  Ask for His help.  He is speaking to you to stop and be still and let Him be the One who comforts and counsels you.

He will want to remove barriers from your life that are obstructing the pure flow of Spirit from Him to you.  Are you willing to let Him have His Way now that your way is "finis"?

You will find Him in the Bible for sure but He is present everwhere. 

I recommend reading of the Bible.  Ask the Lord to speak to you through the words and open it somewhere and read. Turn the pages until you read something that you are amazed by.  Be diligent and keep searching for your "word".  You will be rewarded with Holy information specifically for you.  It is a tool that the Holy Spirit uses.  It is Jesus's Word for us for living this life.  In those writings you will find a Saviour who loves you.  You will find out the attributes of God and the Spirit will speak to you through those words - of your place and what you need to do to gain access to your Saviour.

It is a beautiful thing to find the Spirit and Jesus and walk by faith. The Spirit will give you the courage through the Word.  He will encourage and uplift your spirit and show the way for you to be called a child of God.