Worldly Knowledge

24/02/2016 12:56

Friend, there are many "ways to heaven" described in a myriad of books, taught as truth, which to God are abomination, because satan has inspired them through his knowledge of God and the Heavenlies. After all, satan held an exalted position in God's Presence. He was privy to what God had revealed, but not privy to all God knew!

These books, scrolls, manuscripts, passed down "knowledge" speak of other dimensions, heirarchies, schemes, worship of nature and ideas, other worldly dieties and so forth.

Let's suppose that all are real for the sake of this one small article and just a small space in it.

Some highly evolved minds after observing nature, or taking part in meditative thinking, or ingesting hallucinogenic plants and tapping into satanic traps, have penned their deluded findings and through their own (evil inspired) thinking have hit upon some aspects of God's Universes, and His Knowledge, and His Plans etc., and have deceived many through the ages. 

But friend, they all miss this one thing.

God; who can do as He pleases, because He is Law; owns it and makes it and carries it out to the letter, but never changes what He has put in place because He is perfect and makes no mistakes; has come to earth as He planned in the form of a baby, humble, poor, full of simplicity and not of greatness (to confound the wise), to fulfill the Law that was written by the prophets of old who were guided by the Holy Spirit; who told them what to write even though they may not have understood fully the Plan of God.

These chosen by God holy men, were wholesale believers in God who is Perfection, therefore why would they add to the Word given, and wrote as directed through Holy Ghost inspired, visions, visitations and dreams.

The fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies is Jesus of Nazareth. God did not give up His Diety when He came to earth as a manchild.

His Mother when she asked Him to perform his first public miracle of changing water to wine, knew her son Jesus could do this. Why? Because she had witnessed that everything He touched in the home was made beautiful. It is written in the Bible that His clothes were so highly desired when He was crucified, the Roman soldiers tossed "dice" for them!  He did not have money to spend on the best! He didn't need it. His Father provided the best for Him. He could put on an ordinary garment and it would be immediately transformed into perfection. The water became wine, and the best wine as spoken in the Bible, because He inwardly desired it to. The water obeyed Him.

God coming to earth as a man but fully God. Only Jesus of Nazareth's birth, life, crucifixion and second coming (still to come), was prophesied. None other. 

God says there is no other Name by which man can be saved.

He will not accept all our own ideas - which are influenced by the evil one of this world whether we believe that or not. God knows it is this way as He knows all - to our very core - even the things we don't know about ourselves.

God specifically tells us that His Law (which is anything He says because He never speaks an untruth) provides for One Way for us, today while we live in this world.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life Everlasting. Jesus Saves.

We live in the time after the Great Sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary and belief in the Son is the ONLY way God will accept for us to be allowed into Eternal Life with Him.

He says all other ways are owned by satan and are skewed copies of His Plan, but the stamp of approval is going to be the stumblingblock known as Jesus that many will not humble themselves before, because they have been deceived by satan through other worldly teachings which they prefer to believe. And that is their free will choice.

The Father does not want anyone who wants to argue with Him.

We cannot prove one thing to Him. He will prove all to us at the Judgement. Our souls do know this fact but we cover it up with layers of "not wanting to believe that."

Friend, unpeel the layers now!

This Jesus is the One Who divides the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the believers from the unbelievers. It's the simplest and most profound Way all at once. 

Some very good and lovely people who are wise in their own eyes are just not able to bow the knee to Jesus. He's not the King they want.

If in all your studying and researching and finding you do not find that Jesus is God's Son and He is God, then you have a false religion. It may be close but that one fact will not be there. He may be described as a teacher, prophet, wise man, spiritual being, leader, but never as God's Son. You may be told that you can be elevated up the ranks by doing "whatever" but friend, you will hold that position in hell only, not in the Presence of Almighty God. Only those who claim Jesus as Lord and Saviour will be welcomed into Heaven.

Satan will never say that Jesus is God, King, Lord, Saviour, Redeemer. Satan can't disprove Jesus's existence so he allows Him to be a teacher or some lesser person, never Who He Is, God.

It's that simple.

But one day He will return as the Majestic King, full of Power and Glory but it will be too late when they see Him then, as God will have closed off the Way.

The only reason this hasn't happened yet is because God has workers in the fields and He sees those whose hearts can be snatched back from satan. Yes, He wants your heart and soul. He is doing all He can to reveal His goodness to you!

Friend, today is the day to explore what this post has alluded to. Begin your journey of spiritual awakening with the Holy Spirit as your guide and put aside all of your previous knowledge of whatever religion you have aligned yourself to. (You could always go back when you decide you are an unbeliever through and through.)

How many times must you be witnessed to by the simple people of the Carpenter from Nazareth?