Worthiness & Grace

24/12/2015 14:37

Friend, let's face it, we are unworthy to know Almighty God, let alone receive anything good from Him.

But this is the Way of the Lord. He knows our unworthiness and when we admit we are unworthy, He clothes us in his Righteousness so He can have a relationship with us.

This is known as the Grace of God.

He is full of compassion for us. He has seen the roads of darkness we have gone down. He is aware of what has caused us to be the sinners we are.

But, when we look up and out of ourselves we give ourselves a chance to know the Light of the world, where before we have only seen darkness; we moved and had a life within that dark world.

Without the Mercy and Grace of God, this world would have destroyed itself long ago.

Jesus stepped up to the line that God drew when He said, "Enough! Evil's time has come."  He came to make a Way out of the darkness for those of us who desire it, who are tired of the unbearableness of being sinful.

Friend, we do struggle, but He is with us. Acknowledge Him and lean on Him and love Him.

Die daily to the old life and be filled with Hope, Love, Light, Forgiveness and walk uprightly full of worship for the One Who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Allow Him to show you the thing that must die today, and every day.

Be a willing child - not wilful! Joyful and happy! You know the King! He loves you!