Are You Lovable?

14/11/2014 11:48

Friend, you are lovable.  God has shown that you are!

He sent His Son to die and be resurrected for you even though He knew you would one day be born and turn to sin.

He has forethought your existence.  He knows all your ways.  Yet, He has, with the Son and Holy Spirit agreed that you are worth the suffering that they would endure in the flesh, for your sake.

Yet, many of us do not see this - and rail against God saying He doesn't love us because maybe things aren't going the way we think they should.

No, stop and think. Never blame God.  It is satan who has led you down the path to hell.  You have willingly allowed yourself to be deceived by him and his minions.

Think about it.  You will see Truth if you seek to know Truth.  If you are happy being deceived, then on you will go on that path.  Nothing will stop you while you willingly go that way.

It is only when you stop and question or begin to think that things aren't as they seem, or things haven't gone the way you thought they should, that you can see and find Truth.

The world says all of us can be a big somebody.  Really?  I see only that some  people can attain to be a somebody and most of them claw and scratch their way to the world's top rung of the  "I've made it" ladder. 

Under God's care we can attain much and great wealth too but we are of a different character than the world.

God says we are lovable.  Know that He loves you.  He may not love the things you do but He has died for you to receive forgiveness for the things of the past and be able to be renewed through the renewing of your mind which will be readily accepted by the heart.

Forgiveness is yours from almighty God!  You are one He died for as a sacrifice for your sins.  The Father said only blood would suffice and, blood of a pure spirit.  None but He has a Pure Spirit.  So He had to send the Son who too is God ( one of those mysteries) and of Pure Spirit, to be born so He would have the blood necessary to be shed.

Jesus in the flesh walked as a man and felt as a man, yet He was God-man who had a symbiotic connection to God.  He knew He would be subjected to all the wiles of the devil but He had the absolute knowledge of God to defeat Satan with the Word of God and the Bible tells us of those instances. 

We see how Jesus overcame and continued in His faithful walk with God.  His life here for 33 years is a blueprint for how our walk should be with God. 

God knows we will fail at times and the sacrifice of Jesus's blood will cover that also, so long as it is not intentional and habitual and unremorseful.

Almighty God has made a way for us to be loved and forgiven. 

Friend, again, you are lovable to God.  He loves you.  He died for you to have everlasting life with Him and to walk and talk with Him now in this life.