You Are Loved

29/08/2014 10:24

You are loved by the One who created you!  This love is pure, not tainted by the world as is the love that we receive from others.

He is our Maker and knows us better than a mother who carries her little one for nine months and when he is born, loves that child unconditionally.  But does she know that child?  She knows nothing of the soul that inhabits the body.

She will learn about the child as it grows - but does she know it like the Lord knows it?  I am a mother of two and I can honestly say, "No."

God knows our innermost thoughts.  Our mothers do not. They come to know us but there is always a part of us, a secret place perhaps, where we think nobody sees - but God, does  see that place. 

God understands our predicament.  He allowed us to be born into this world of sin. He must have had a reason.  It is a mystery, but while we are here He gives us an opportunity to recognize Him and love Him for who He is.  Our short lifespan is our "time" for Salvation in His Son.

God shows us how much He loves our souls by sending His own Son to the Cross to pay for all the sins of mankind.  Jesus left His home of beauty and plenty to come to this world and be born with nothing, not even a place to lay his head, no baby clothing was put aside for Him, no baby showers with gifts, a humble beginning.

Why would Jesus agree to this?  The Father whom Jesus loves, planned to redeem us through the only thing that would stand up in Law. A pure and Holy Blood Sacrifice. 

Jesus agreed to be the Pure and Holy Sacrificial Lamb of God because He loved His creation and was, with the Father, the Author of Universal Law that called for A Holy Sacrifice to redeem us. (The Author of the Law, paid the price Himself for us.)

Satan was not privy to that fact, as we are not privy to many things we call mysteries. 

By His Crucifixion the pure blood would be shed and we would have a Saviour.  God knew that satan would try to destroy a new King of Kings, because God knows that satan desires to be a powerful king. 

So the crucifixion served many purposes. Satan's brutal nature would be revealed to Heaven as they saw the Lord crucified.  The Bible says that heaven was silent when He died. Satan thought he had killed off Jesus and would have been surprised and angered by the Resurrection.

Thirty years before the Crucifixion, Satan, when he found out that three wise kings were looking for the new great King, used evil men to slaughter thousands of baby boys up to three years old - to circumvent God's Will. 

But, God's Love for humanity would also be shown, to those who believed in Jesus.  Father God sacrificing His Son for us.  This is Love.

The Resurrection shows the Power of God to restore as He wills.  It shows that his Ways are above ours and above satan's. 

The Resurrection gives us a personal intercessor in Heaven - for the believers.  After the Resurrection, the Holy spirit was given to us as a Comforter and Counsellor also.

God does not think like us.  His thoughts are above ours the Bible says.  He knows all and sees all and He is the Creator of all universes, peoples and things. His Majesty is profoundly awesome and amazingly beautiful.  He is Love and His Love permeates everything.  It is a more perfect Love than we can ever imagine. 

To be loved by Him is something we can not touch the edges of, it is so immeasurable.

Rest in that knowledge that Jesus loves you and give your allegiance to Him.