You Have A Helper

21/08/2014 20:27

If Jesus is your Saviour, you have a Helper who is present at all times, who knows everything that is happening in your life and who has the answers for you, for the best outcome for your soul.

Many times in the midst of troubles we think we are alone, but it is not so for the believer. Our Helper is kind and gentle.  He can be fierce and strong when the occassion calls for it, though.

The enemy of our souls is constantly barraging us with "stuff".  He finds our weakness and places stumbling blocks in our path.  Perhaps you are lonely - he will bring on depression, or alienate you from family, or perhaps he will fill your life with superficial things to keep you from finding your true worth in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Know that the traps of the enemy can cause you eternal pain.  You will have an eternity to wish you had made better choices. 

 It truly takes effort to not believe as God has given to each a measure of faith and it is we who extinguish it or set it alight to burn brightly and freely.

Choose Jesus as your Helper and watch how He orchestrates your life.  Give Him the access He needs and enjoy the journey!

The bravest souls in this world are the believers in Christ Jesus - and they should be the humblest also.

Bless you, my friend!