You Will Never Be Good Enough Without Salvation

24/08/2014 11:01

Friend, are you an unbeliever?

The kindest thing that could be said to you is ," You will never be good enough to get into Heaven if you have not accepted the Gift of God; Salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus."

If you think on this and set out to seek the Lord's will for your soul, you will find that you are in need of a Saviour.

Everyone I know is a good person.  I do not see any sin.  We hide our sin but God sees all and knows from whence it comes.  He knows the exact demon that causes you to sin, and how it got there.  He knows if it is a generational sin, coming from forefathers. He knows if you have been swayed by the lies of the world and have dabbled in the lusts of life. Nothing is hidden from Him, so when it comes to the Great Judgement, you will not be able to hide anything. Everything will be revealed so that everyone can see that God is just in His judgement of your soul.

But it is you He has chosen to be the last of the generation to sin in this way.  For a faithful believer He will bless you and your future generations should they choose to accept His blessings.  That is a great Gift.  You can change and not be a stumbling block for future generations of your family line! It is a gift you can give to grandchildren and their grandchildren!

And your soul will be judged worthy to be a citizen of Heaven because you will be a believer who accepted the Gift of Salvation and who allowed the Comforter to counsel your spirit.

God bless you, friend!