Your Past

15/03/2016 21:25

Friend, yesterday is gone and cannot be redone.

The past is the past.

If we have lived ungodly we will experience the past coming into our future, bringing pain, anger, worry, anxiety and all negative emotions.

If we have repented to God for our foolishness, we will have the knowledge that the One Who died for our foolishness has Forgiven us; wholly.

He asks us to "sin no more."

We need to be attentive and fully present with God throughout the day so that we have His help while overcoming old habits and ways.

He does not condemn us when we are actively working with Him to be renewed, soul and spirit. Allow only Him to be the One who helps you decode your past. Let Him remind you that He forgave you for "that", or remind you to forgive others for what they have done to you. But never listen to the enemy who condemns and says you will never be forgiven for "that one".

No, Jesus died for all your sins to be forgiven! 

The devil and his demons will remind us constantly of our past and tell us that we can't overcome. That is a lie told by the Great Deceiver.

Don't buy into the lie. Give it no place at all.

God says you can do all things good through Him, because He will lead and guide you according to His Plan for you.  Each of us is an individual to God. Each of us has gone down some side road of our own making and He has a Plan to mold us into the person He designed us to be as He leads us back to the Straight Road to Glory.

This is where we find Joy.

It is not a false joy as the world offers that fades and must be reignited often with worldly things.

This Joy is Heavenly and fills us and stays with us.

We are not of this world, but we are in it, when we come to Jesus and follow Him, and we must exist happily in it.

Godly Joy will see to it that we do not despair of our past and allows us to do what we must to earn a living and take care of our families whilst knowing that our home is in Heaven and we are just journeying through this world.

Knowing Jesus is loving you and has forgiven you enables us to go forward one day at a time.