Your Prayers Are Heard

24/08/2014 17:31

Your prayers are heard!  Even the unspoken ones that you cannot find words for.

Give Jesus your heart and He will pour out guidance and direction so that you will get back to the right Path.  He knows the Way out of the mess you have made.  He knows why you chose the paths you chose that led away from Him.

He is full of forgiveness if you will accept the Gift of Salvation only He can offer you.

You need not fear.  The bible tells us not to fear when we know the Lord.  He is Mighty to protect you.  Just trust Him.  Hold on to the revealings He has given you and let them come to the Light when you face an uncertain choice.  He always prepares the Way for you.  Wait on Him and learn of Him while in the waiting period.

Fill your heart and mind by reading His Word.  It will calm your fear and help you to overcome when needed.

Jesus says the only danger we face is our own unstable and unfaithful nature.

We must apply ourselves to the teachings He has given us in the Bible.  It is His "guide to living" for us.

Blessings to you as you forge ahead on the Path of Light and turn your back to the darkness.