Your Reactions Create Your Reality

16/09/2014 09:29


Our reactions to situations create the reality we are in every day.

Jesus will be our burden bearer if we are able to cast every burden on Him and faithfully step out knowing He is in control. 

Give all control over to Him.  Wait on His answer to the situation.

We all have a myriad of situations and circumstances going on at any given moment.  We must attempt to realize that God is capable of unravelling the messes we have allowed ourselves to get into. 

Many of us have unresolved situations from childhood that have crept along as we grew,  becoming nasty stinking boils of pus and putrid thinking and behaviour, because we did not know how to rid ourselves of it and the world with it's music and movies that portray similar circumstances to ours, has encouraged rage and fury to be our answer.

We have denied God and His Son because we think that He should not have let this happen to us. 

Jesus is waiting to show you that He died so that you would have release from your unjust and unfair situations, in the spiritual realm.  We will have scars but we can move on from them in Him.  Let Him do the healing now.  In this physical world, more will be thrown at us, because that is how evil works.  It's day has not come yet for removal from our lives but we have a Saviour who will walk with us and tenderly care for us and love us and guide and direct our steps onto the Way, the Path of New Life in Him where joy resides. 

Learn His WAYS so that you are able to react in a spiritually correct  way and thereby create a new reality.  One that is focused on Eternity with the Lord of Hosts. The Way that will bring eternal joy.

Reach out now and touch the hem of His garment like the woman in the crowd who sought healing.  She knew that she would not get a meeting with Him as the crowds were so many, yet her knowledge of Him was focused on His healing powers she had heard about.

The Lord felt virtue leave Him and knew who had touched Him and why but he stopped and called for the person to come forward and speak of her need.

She was bold to do so as she believed He could heal her.  When she spoke up in front of the crowd, He blessed her by saying, "Your faith has made you whole."

She made a public declaration of her faith and could have been mocked and derided but Jesus chose to show in this act of hers that this is the Way one must choose.

Be bold spiritually. Believe boldly. Have a bold faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Learn of Him and His Ways so that as you travel through this life you will be a blessing to others as they see the changes in you.

Let Jesus guide you always.  Do not go out on your own and be a fanatic. Jesus must be the Leader, not you.