Your Thoughts

23/01/2016 12:34

Friend, Jesus asks us to align our thoughts with His.

As we journey through our day we are pushed and pulled this way and that by the tides of the world and we can become unstable in our thinking when we allow our own righteousness to be the foundation that we build our faith on.

Our foundation of belief must be centered firmly on the Son of God, Jesus.

Allow Him to be the One we go to immediately we see that dead end we have stumbled upon; or the fork in the road - which way to go?

Listen to the Holy Spirit; be open to His guiding hand and the rod and staff of the Lord.

Go to your Bible and read what He has to say.

Speak to Him at any time. He is listening and will set in motion those things that need to be when you give Him the reins. Allow Him to lead.

To be in His Will is to be in the center of all things Good.

Choose only His Will for you. Rebuff the evil one. 

In this way you will be reining your thoughts into alignment with the Son's and you willl be in the Will of God - where he wants you to be. Where your soul will be safe and will grow and find peace and solace and Truth.