Your Way Not Mine, Lord

06/12/2014 13:27

Friend, it must be the Lord's Way, not our way for our life.

Only He knows the future for each of us.  He sees where we are and knows our needs.  He knows our deepest desires whether for evil or good.

When we are focused on sin and evil then we do not want to know about Him, but the Holy Spirit does not go from us.  He strives to show us the better Way all the time.

The Holy Spirit was sent to be with us when the Lord arrived in Heaven after His forty days on earth, following His Resurrection from the Grave.  Jesus said, " I will send you a Comforter." 

It is His focus to reveal Jesus to us.  The Holy Spirit is part of the Triune God, Almighty God.  He and the Son are God with the Father.  All One.  The Almighty. 

It is a great privelege to be taught by the Holy Spirit.  He is the Guide to Jesus the Son. He is our Comforter and Counsellor.

The greatest sin that cannot be forgiven is for us to deny Jesus. In doing this we deny the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives - who is striving with you right now.

He wants you to have salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.  He wants you to know that forgivness is yours when you recognize that Jesus is King of Kings and died to make a Way for you to be redeemed from sin, from the clutches of satan, and everlasting life in Hell after this life. 

What do you do after being "saved"? 

You just say, "Your Way Lord, not my way.  I will follow You and be guided by the Holy Spirit."