Zechariah 2:13

17/08/2019 20:59

Be silent, all flesh, before The Lord.    Zechariah 2:13

Listen carefully to Me, and eat that which is Good (God's Word), and delight yourself in abundance.    Isaiah 35:2b

He Who searches the heart knows what the Mind of The Spirit is because He intercedes for the saint according to The Will of God.    Romans 8:27

Holy Truth seeds. Those Words should fall upon soft ground and bestow Wisdom to people.

God is speaking to us. He advises us to be still and come into His Presence.

Whenever we are troubled in any way we should immediately know that God is for us, and able to help us overcome any obstacle. 

This is how we should walk everyday; under His Holy Wings in Godly safety and protection from above knowing He loves and cares for us. 

He asks us to undergo trials at times but that doesn't always have to be our trial. 

Maybe we are needed to walk along side another. 

Maybe someone we know in the trial is the one who is going to gain something eternal. 

Maybe we can help by praying; being a spiritual friend; offering something from our hands. 

We should be available at all times. People should know they can go to you for truth.

He will guide and direct if we allow Him and all parties will come out renewed in spirit by obeying God.