Father God, I come into Your Presence with praise for Who You are and all You do for me. 
My heart is full of thanksgiving for Your Mercy, for I am a sinner. 
Lord Jesus thank You for Your Grace which sustains my days.
I desire to be more like You and ask Lord, for the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit with my spirit. 
I need to know You more and have a closer relationship with You. 
I understand You went to the Cross for this and made a Way where before there was no way for me. 
Your Blood shed at Calvary is what cleanses me and I am grateful for it.
Wash me clean and renew my mind Father God, so that I am able to go about being your hands and feet in this evil world. 
I pray for all my family, friends and neighbours asking for Salvation for those who do not know You and those who do not even know of You but believe for redemption and freedom, in other gods and the things You have created.
Draw us closer and closer to You, I pray.
In the Name of Jesus and according to Your Will and Law, Amen