Meditation Phillipians 4:6-7

26/03/2017 21:50

Meditation Verse      
Scripture.  Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  Phillipians 4:6-7  KJV
The Holy Spirit is giving us sound principles to live by in this scripture written by the Apostle Paul.
We are told to approach God with thanksgiving in our hearts for all He has done, and will do for us. 
We are to ask Him to meet all our needs.
Through looking to God as our source of all things, we give Him His rightful place in our life. 
And He honors our sacrifice of our own free will. 
It is counted to us as Righteousness because it tells Him our faith is strong when we let go of our own desires and let Him guide us in the relationship He created us for. He is able to work unhindered with us, by any negativity or disbelief in Him and His Abilities.
This can be a long drawn out process as we try to hang onto areas we want to have control over or it can be short and sweet as we daily live, to thank Him and surrender to His plan  for us.
The peace of God that passes all human understanding, will fall and flow through us and will help us to keep Jesus as the King of our life.
Lastly, God wants us to run everything by Him. 
Nothing should be left out. 
Things not surrendered to Him can fester and grow like a bad infection and become harder to overcome.
Lord, thank You for this scripture full of a Loving Father's advice.  Help me to surrender all to You and obey You so that I can have the peace that passes all human understanding.  Amen.

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Praise Is A Key

24/03/2017 21:46

Friend, the Scriptures tell us that when we praise God with an believing heart, He is bound to respond to us.

He inhabits the praises of His people the Holy Bible says!

It is impossible for an unbeliever to praise God.

There are believers in all kinds of worldly musicians and popular artists who love their idols so much they raise their hands to them and sing their praises far and wide, but if they do not love Jesus and what He has done for them, they will not raise their hands and sing songs of worship and praise to Him.

But when we praise Him, we have His attention.

The level of our belief and faith is evident to Him and in those moments of praise, He is filling us with His Peace, Comfort, Love, Truth and Wisdom to name just a few of the wonderful gifts He betsows on us during those times of praise and worship.

Friend, I have experienced this phenomenon, and it is real.

People get healed in praise and worship services. It is a known fact and there are many testimonies of God's Grace and Mercy and Healing happening in those times of deep and meaningful communion with Him.

It is said that numberless blessings are available to those who learn the secret of praise and worship.

To begin in private to understand what to do we only have to look up Christian worship songs and hymns on UTube to find some that speak to your heart and mind.

Purchase the cd and play it in the private moments to learn the words so you too can be a worshipper in song to the Lord.

You will receive cleansing, a renewing of the spirit, and gain wisdom for your journey.

God is a Merciful God and He will fill you with all you need in life to overcome when you praise Him in words and song.

But song is not the only way to praise. Speaking to Him with thankfulness and gratefulness in our heart draws Him to us as well.

Tell Him what you have discovered He has done for you and speak of your changed heart and mind.

After all everything good comes from Him. He has allowed it. Has there been a sillver lining to the trials you experience?

It is well for your soul to know that you did not do that by yourself, and evil does not give good gifts without strings attached, so God therefore is the giver of the good in your existence.

Examine your life. You will find instances when God has bestowed Good Gifts on you, even while the world tries to destroy you..

Put on your cloak of humility and accept the sacrificial life, knowing that Peace and Joy will surround you for the rest of your days.

Bless you friend as you go forth on the praise level of your faith in God.

May it grow and grow as you walk forward on your faith journey with Christ the Giver of all Good Gifts.

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Meditation Matthew 19:30

23/03/2017 22:16
Meditation Verse
Scripture.  But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.  Matthew 19:30 KJV
Jesus speaks to us in this verse, to show there is a difference between values in Heaven, and values on earth.
Those who consider themselves "first" here on earth are in danger of being last in Heaven; which could mean, that they will not enter Heaven but be cast aside as stubble for burning.
We find warnings all through God's Word and Jesus shows by example of how He journeyed when He walked on the earth. 
He preferred to be with the poor, and we see mention of Him visiting the home of a tax collector to eat, a man who was despised by the community. 
Jesus saw the despair in the tax collector's heart.  He wasn't a proud man.  This type of heart can grasp the things of God.
The hard and unrepentant proud heart cannot bend unless it loses all the things of this world it has - that give it the power to be hard.
It is not always material things, but also, simply ideas that the mind protects as being of superior intelligence from the rest of humanity (and God).
What Jesus is telling us here is not to seek to be first in this world, it will not get us into heaven. 
There is also the danger of trying to be the last on this earth and it is fraught with the danger of a fake humility and humbleness which is actually filled with pride. 
Jesus sees through that type of deceit of the heart also.
There is nothing hid from Him.
Lord, thank You that You judge according to the Father's Law.  I am assured of a just trial when I stand before You.  Thank You for the Blood shed at Calvary that covers m sins and I ask you to help me to lead a life that is pleasing to You.  Amen.

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Faithful & Courageous

20/03/2017 21:29

Friend, our Lord asks us to be faithful and courageous in our walk with Him.

If we are faithful we will surrender to His Will daily.

Upon waking, say, "Not my will, but Yours, Lord, today."

When the demons hear this, they shudder and shake. They will have trouble doing their job today!

Satan won't be pleased with them.

You have surrendered your will to the Son, and this is the very thing that Satan asked of Jesus when he took Him into the desert to tempt Him.

Jesus of course would never surrender to Satan.

He died for us so we could gain strength from Him to say, "No" to satan and his demons.

When we know that God is for us and helps us, we can be strong and faithful to Him; because He will never let us down.

Even if there is a time when we feel like He has, our faith tells us that He has another Plan much better than the one we wanted, and He is guiding us to the next level along a slightly different Path, than what we asked for.

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