Meditation Verse - Psalm 51:6

23/01/2017 21:50
Meditation Verse
Scripture.  Behold, Thou desirest Truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part Thou shall make me to know Wisdom. Psalm 51:6  KJV
King David wrote this verse from Chapter Fifty-one after the Prophet Nathan had convicted him of his sin with Bathsheba.  
Nathan's wise counsel broke the hold that sin had on David because David had a believer's heart, even though he had sinned against God.
David realized he needed to repent, so he asked for God's Mercy and Forgiveness.
David admits he is a sinner from when he was shaped inside the womb.  He repents and asks to be purged of the sinful thoughts he had llowed himself to be dragged into, and he asks to be forgiven, knowing he will be Forgiven (Wholly Forgiven).
We can use this whole chapter as a prayer to God.
The words help us to acknowledge our state before God and how sin is abhorrent to God, how He can never accept sin.
It will help us to ask for forgiveness and purging of the sin in our life. 
It is so beautifully written and full of Spirit inspired meaning. It is one worthy of us singing, praying aloud to God, and meditating upon for our growth in Godly matters and for Godly Wisdom.
Lord, thank You that You have shown us the way to ask for forgiveness. Help me to keep this Psalm 51 of David in my heart, and use the words to learn how to pray to You.  Help me to be truthful in my inner parts discerning between what is right and wrong according to Your Will for me.Make the way clear for me to have a time of meditation with You so I may learn of Forgiveness. I ask these things in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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The Unseen World

22/01/2017 19:44

Friend, the battles we fight each and every day are first fought in the Unseen; the Heavenlies.

Believers in Almighty God have the advantage always, and this is Knowledge to understand the concepts of God.

Believers have the Holy Spirit Who intercedes for them; and the Holy angels of God who fight against the demonic evil world for us.

The world does not see this in the believer's lives but believers know beyond a doubt that He is for them. 

And, we understand that sometimes God does not give us the easy road, but in His Mercy and Grace for the perfection of our souls, He allows whatever must be, to occur so that He will be Glorified in their lives, knowing that He can make Beauty from the ashes.

As the unbelievers look on, they many times cannot see that God is working for their friend and then one day they recognize that something otherworldly has taken place, and the Glory of the Miracle has to go to God, not the person or persons who tried to help. 

These incidents become testimonies for the believer and the onlookers become witnesses - creating the opening of hearts, ears and eyes to the Glory of the Almighty.

So friend, where should we fight our battles?

Here on the worldy plane against the foolishness of the flesh or on the Unseen Plane, in prayer, praise and worship where we will obtain greater and Perfect Victories that fall in line with God's Will, perfecting our souls in Harmony and Peace with God?

Times are turbulent in the world and if only those who have (many legitimate) gripes would turn that same energy to God, imploring Him and walking with Him to learn of His agreement or disagreement with their requests, we would have a type of peace that would allow true Godly Progress to happen.

We should only be asking for His Will for if we are not in agreement with Him, we are against Him and have placed ourselves in the evil category, desiring things He does not want for us because He knows the demons that are attached to those requests. The demons that will cause our fall from Grace.

Be careful friend, and do not follow any person because you agree with what you hear. We have itching ears, that want our demise

Ask first if what they say is in line with God's Word and Will.


Father I bow before Your Throne with praise on my lips and thanksgiving in my heart because I have a God Who is Mighty to save and full of Power and Glory. Lord Jesus, I come to You with an open heart and mind, asking for Godly Wisdom and Discernment as a Gift from You. Help me to continue learning Your Will, as written in Your Holy Bible. I know evil desires to thwart me, and I ask a Hedge of Godly Protection be placed around me for all time so I may be free to converse with You and walk with You. I thank thee Holy Spirit for all You do for me and ask you to guide and direct My Path into the full and Perfect Will of God. Amen.

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How Long?

12/01/2017 21:10

Hello friend.

Welcome to Jesus is Lord.

Maybe you are a returning visitor hoping to find a kernel of Truth for your weary thoughts.

Maybe you have come ready to scorn what you may find.

If so, this blog post is for you.

The Holy Spirit asks, "How long will you wander in the wilderness?"

It is nothing new, this "fist against God." This wandering amongst other ways and beliefs, keeping the head turned away from Him.

Millions of souls have been lost, with fist in air as they leave this earth, only to find immediately in the afterlife, that God does exist and they have left it too late to find Redemption.

Hell is full of souls who left it too late, assuming many things, other than God is Holy and is in Control of All Things and that there is Law that governs all of everything, both this life and the afterlife.

We are subject to God's Law, because we are His creation.

Who knows how long God existed before He created man "in His Image."

The Bible says from Everlasting to Everlasting, God exists. We; man with his soul and spirit in God's image, were not given the right to be born on this earth until fairly recently; 6,000 years as the bible tells it.

We are not the "be all" and "end all of" God's creation. And He loves His whole Creation.

We are just a part of it, and His Law governs what we can and cannot have.

Man likes to think he is so important and everything he does is good and great; so deserving of blessings to be heaped on him!

God says no, there is none good (having the ability to enter Heaven without the Son's Sacrifice), not one.

We are imporant to God in that He has given us a last chance to be reunited with Him in the Holy Kingdom.

He has set a Law that is anchored by the Blood of His Son. The Blood of His Son whom we call Jesus.

This Law offers us Hope in Eternity of a life with God where Joy and Love reign.

The alternative being a life of regret where sorrow and pain of the soul and spirit are devoid of any hope. They will live away from His Presence which is the Lifegiver; Lifefulfiller. 

Jesus is a direct descendant of Abraham and Sarah. His lineage can be traced in the Old Testament. We learn of the pure line of Godly men and women who were chosen by God in those Books.

Everything God does is Perfect and Whole, Holy.

When we accept the Gift of God; the Sacrifical Death and Blood shed by His Only Son; recognize Jesus, we have completed the first step in the process of our restoration, to Him.

The acceptance by us is a leap of faith and God rewards it.

He knows we have not seen, yet we have believed.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit. For years the Spirit works within our hearts to reveal Jesus to us.

Jesus stands at the door of our heart, knocking.

Will you allow Him to enter, today?

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2 Timothy 3:16

10/01/2017 21:29

Scripture Verse...

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable by doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. 2 Timothy 3:16

Friend, will you be corrected in your views and beliefs about Almighty God?

Are you willing to be instructed through the doctrine of the Holy Bible, God's Word for His Created?

May the Holy Spirit reproove your way of thinking and conclusions you have come to?

The sixty-six Books of the Bible are Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as some say, inspired.

These are not ramblings or accounts of historic fact that have no meaning.

God has put His Truth in the Word contained in the Holy Bible.

Wouldn't you agree that no matter what you think or believe that is not in agreement with God's Word, and God does exist, that you are standing on very shaky ground?

Just as I would be if I believed something other than God's Word, and He in fact did not exist

Wouldn't you want to err on the side of Godly possibility, rather than from an "evolving ape-man's thoughts"?

When we find out what is in the Bible we are struck by the Power of God. How Conpletely Whole He is in every way imaginable to us.

He reveals very little of Himself but what He does has no gray areas.

He tells us in simple terms what we need to do to be reunited with Him, and He shows us how lost we truly are.

He says He reveals it to the "babes."

And why is that?

He says that when men are high minded and think much of their own ways of thinking and doing things that they block Him out because they want the glory of being the one who is right.

The Disciples letters are full of teaching that encourages us to be humble minded, asking God to reveal His Truth, Law and Will to us.

This is what they learned at the feet of Jesus when He taught them and told them to teach others.

They became the wisest of men spiritually.

For us today, becoming wise spiritually translates into everyday life.

We can apply our bible knowledge to our lives in all aspects of work, business, family concerns and all kinds of relationships.

With the Help of the Lord, we can grow and mature as a believer in Christ Jesus.

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