A Deadly Desire

12/09/2015 06:33

Friend, the world encourages us to be self assertive.

To Heaven this is a deadly desire. We are like ants scurrying around walking all over each with the purpose to be above others, to be better than, to have more than, to seek ways to take what others have, to accumulate things.

The need to rise above, to enter another "class," to call ourself "better than" is part and parcel of how this world is engineered by satan.

God calls us to the simpler Path. On that Path many of us will be given the ability to have great riches like Solomon but it should never be desired, only accepted and used for the Glory of God.

God owns all the riches of the world. Satan must work according to God's Law. He cannot do what God will not allow. He too, is governed by God. God knows his every move.

The antidote to his evil is belief in the Son and a life lived according to God's Will for us.

A humble spirit before God and an accepting of His Authority, and His Goodness open the doors to Heaven.

Remove from self the desire for recognition and appreciation, and instead recognize and appreciate other's goodness. Do not encourage ungodliness in anyone.


Dear Father God, Thank You  for Your Son! I praise the Name of Jesus! Lord, I recognize this trait in myself and ask You to aid me with Your Mercy and Grace to remove this deadly desire from my life and help me to help others and not enable them to fall deeper into this deadly desire. I want to overcome this and receive the prize of eternal life with You. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, I Pray for deliverance. Amen.