Be Thankful

09/07/2018 21:16

Friend, today was a day the devil thought he was going to win. He thought he would destroy a believer's hope in God, their love for God and faith in God.

The horrible deed was done to a much loved older pet.

It's chances were predicted to be dire - amputation or put down.

BUT GOD, was called upon.

The faith mantra was prayed. "no weapon formed against us, believers in Your Holy Name, Jesus, shall prosper." Prayer asking for the veterinarian to be guided by the Hands of Jesus to reset bones that we were told could not be reset availed much and kitty is home, purring and happy.

Expense was accrued but not more than could be afforded.

What was your challenge today?

Are you aware that it was a dart aimed by the demonic army, at you or a loved one?

Are you a believer who knows that to defeat evil, one must love God and be a faithful believer in Him?

Or are you just flowing along in life without an anchor?

How is that working? Happy? Content? At peace? Have inner Joy? Feel Loved? Know RealTruth? Full of Wisdom? Able to deal with all life throws at you?

Or, are you angry, hurt, unconvinced that God is Good? Depressed? Despairing for your future? Afraid of everything? Anxious & irritable? Trying out all belief systems but never finding true Peace? Living addicted to something because of fears, and not allowing yourself to be loved? Judging others, finding fault with everything and everyone? Overcome with medical issues, physical and emotional? Or, something else?

If so, know that Holy God in charge of All that exists, has made a Way out of the challenges we face. 

For the believer who is faithful and loyal to the One who died for our sins; who is covered in the Blood shed at Calvary to pay for our sins, we have an advocate with the Father who will welcome us into His Presence, Who will help us to overcome the obstacles constantly put in our way in this life, to make us stumble in unbelief.

Have a thankful heart, search for God, seek His Love and Forgiveness with an open mind, a softened heart, ears ready to hear Truth and a willingness to find Peace and Joy.

God will be drawn to you when you have this attitude of gratitude in your heart and mind. 

He cannot deny you when you are willing to know Him.

It is His Will that all His creatures come to Him for Forgiveness and Love but He has given us Free Will as a Gift to deny Him if our heart is so inclined.



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Our State Of Mind

24/06/2018 21:32

Friend, have you ever been depressed?

During those times of despair, desperation and depression we find ourselves at a loss to drag our mind from the negative things in our lives that everybody experiences at some time.

Many are the "life experiences," that we are unable to avoid; which bring on these negative states of mind; yet there is a way out.

If we want lasting results, we must look to our Father in Heaven.

His Way is the stable and positive one, that is life changing.

The world has it's offerings also; drugs, alcohol, and other indulgences and beliefs that lighten the load for a short time but never really get rid of the issues that plague us, the depression. the unknowing, the loneliness, the despair, the ailments, the sadness, the unchanging anger and hostilities and the non ability to forgiveothers for our hurts and abuses.

God's Way is a lifelong journey; wherein we cleave into the bosom of our Lord and Saviour to be renewed both mind and heart, daily.

He wants to hear all our bellyaching, our doubts, our insecurities, our abuses, our sinful deeds and thoughts, spoken to Him acknowledging our need for Forgiveness, daily.

He really wants the one on one, close heart to heart relationship, that we all desperately seek in this world; but only He can truly fulfill.

He has placed that need in us to turn our hearts and minds to Him, yet most of us chase worldly ways, looking for answers.

Some of us will never turn to Him, and some will.

It's totally our choice.

We all would, but Satan has the power in this world to influence us. And satan and his minions poke and prod at us all day long trying to keep us from knowing God.

Many of us decide to choose the things of the world, denying the Lord Who Is always showing us the Way; The Cross.

Yes, friend, kneel at the Cross and start talking to God.

He will be right beside you, perhaps a gentle hand on your shoulder, wiping your tears, encouraging you to let all your hurt out, the anger and frustration that you have felt. Let all those emotions out and draw close to Him; your Father, your Friend, Who Loves with a Holy Love, Forgiving you and setting the Holy angels around you to keep you safe.

We do not need to be in church but if we, with a humble heart and open mind, attend a Christian church that teaches with a Pastor who has an open Bible and references it often in his sermons, we will learn very quickly the things of God that will help us in our daily walk with the Lord. 

We must be willing to hear the Word of God, and upon hearing we will know the Truth that will speak to our spirit.

If we don't allow ourselves to grow in this way, we will always have the same old kind of life. We must be willing to hear Truth and accept God's Way and Will to ever have a chance at ridding ourselves of negativity and despair.

There's a well thought out saying from psychology circles that says " To keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome is close to insanity."

Seek sanity, friend. Be willing to change your way of thinking.

Our state of mind can and will change with Jesus as our sole focus in life. 

He is waiting for us to lay our will at the foot of the Holy Cross, and take up our own cross and walk with Him through this life.

He makes it light and easy, friend.

He will never lead us astray; only into Truth, Knowledge, Power in Him and a fulfilling life - what is left of it.

He is willing to lead us into Goodness and a fulfilling life with Him if we are willing to trust Him.


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If Only You Knew

22/06/2018 21:22

Friend, if only you knew how much you are loved by The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Understanding what they have put in place for you, a sinner according to God's Law and Will, would prove to your mind and heart that Holy All Encompassing Love is yours; if only you understood!

The Father's Love is so Amazing to know and receive.

All it takes is for us to open our heart and mind to His Son's Sacrifice on The Cross.

To rise each morning knowing that His (The Trinity's) Mercy is new; a new day  - the past is the past.

To walk in Grace as we attempt to be Good.

To feel the Love of God all day in our spirit; Almighty God conscious of each one of us and sending Love to us to comfort, heal, bless, guide, teach (and more,) us in the Way that we are able to understand by our spirit.

Imagine walking in Holy Love, guarded by Holy Angels so as not to stumble, the Holy Spirit singing songs of Deliverance over you; the Holy Father showering you with blessings, and Jesus Forgiving your every sinful thought and act. 

And now think about your reality. 

How you have denied the existemce of The Holy Trinity; how you refuse to listen to Them; how you have defiantly chosen to go your own way; how you chase after the "things" (ideas, entertainments, luxuries, etc.) of this world; how you persecute the children of God on this earth left here to be a witness of Holiness to you; how you mock the Cross, Jesus and Salvation; how you hate to hear the Word of God spoken, and will not read it; how you abhor those who stand for Goodness; how you get angry when anything or anyone Godly speaks; how you just will not surrender your will to The Will and Law of God.

Now do you understand how God, Who has given you the Free Will Gift to deny Him cannot get through the barriers you have erected?

It is your choice to be who you are and God thinks it is foolish, but He allows you to do so.

He doesn't want to take anyone kicking and screaming.

It's only to Hell we will go kicking and screaming, for Mercy.

But that day will have come and gone. 

Our life here on earth is the time to beg for Mercy.

Once we die our chance to be Redeemed will have gone.

This life is the one where we are to find Mercy and Salvation through God's Forgiveness offered by the Sacrifice of His Son (Himself) on the Cross to obtain Salvation for those who would believe, and be reunited with the Father.

The Spirit asks you now, "Will you, child, repent of your past beliefs and sins and follow Jesus with all your heart?"



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All Are Forgiven

18/06/2018 21:35

Friend, all are Forgiven, but not all die Saved from their sin's due punishment under The Law; which holds all that is in place, because God Himself in Three Persons, is The Law, and The Law calls for the Lawbreaker to pay a price.

It is through His Law that all He does is created and operates. He has created, owns and operates all the Heavens, universes, galaxies and whatever we may in the future discover!

The saddest burden for a believer to carry for our fellow man; family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, is to know that many who believe they will be in Heaven, have no understanding of how God Is. 

They don't have the Knowledge of Who He really Is, What He really does; according to what He has decreed we as His creation, are permitted to know; which He has put limits on, because He is Fully Good and Holy, and in charge. (Fully Holy Lawful.)

People who to us are the epitome of "good" we may not see in Heaven, but others who we know continue to sin openly (but who we know do in their hearts love Jesus and have accepted Him as their Saviour; it's just they struggle with the demons in their lives; always working to complete what the Spirit asks of them,) we will see in Heaven.

Both the fully wicked, and the good, and the saved, will be Judged; and the reward for each is measured by God against His Law, which is set and is not going to be changed by a smart advocate (lawyer) for the unbeliever.

At The Judgement, every knee shall bow to God Almighty. 

His Presence alone will bend the knees of the most openly antagonistic hater of God.

Yes, "every knee shall bow." Some willingly in worshipful adoration and love and others because they have no power to stop themselves from bowing in His Presence.

Jesus Who is Holy, and does not make mistakes, knows all about all of us. There is no hiding from Him.

He will step forward for the believers who love Him, and gather them to Himself, to be with Him forevermore, doing work in the Heavenly Kingdom of Almighty God, Pure and Loving towards those who love Him. We may be citizens of the new earth the Bible speaks about.

Not all will be separated and enter the Holy Kingdom, even though The Lord died for all sins for all people.

We must ask God where we stand now, under, in, with and by, His Law.

Are we sinless or sinful?

Jesus wants you to know and understand your soul's situation. 

He will be Truthful with you, by The Spirit. 

He cannot lie. Truth can hurt, but He asks us to be strong and believe Him.

He says in His Word, The Holy Bible that The Law is Perfect and all on this earth, come short of fulfiling The Law.

We are sinful according to The Law's standard set by God, All Powerful and Loving.

All are in need of a Saviour.

He will point us to consider The Cross, and He Who is our Saviour, because, He paid the price

He is our Saviour/Redeemer.

That's where His Son died for our sins, on the Cross at Calvary according to the Will and Law of God.

The one sin that cannot be Forgiven is the one that denies the Cross as the means to Salvation; denies Christ, denies The Son, denies Jesus, denies The Holy Spirit.

The Father will not accept the sinner who denies he is a sinner in need of a Saviour; because God says those who deny this fact, deny His Son's Sacrifice; and in doing so, they deny the Authority of God, and The Law.

If we have been Forgiven (by God) why not accept Forgiveness?

Why do many deny Forgiveness, as if they are able to "spar verbally" with Almighty God Who knows everything to Perfection.

Will they not humble themselves? Do they think they, the created one, are mightier than God?

Do they think God loves them and their sinful ways enough to make a special addendum to The Law, exonerating them?

Maybe they believe they have lived a good enough life and God has placed many burdens on them already that He will excuse them and send them to the side while He judges all others?


Whatever excuse you have devised for yourself you might want to run it by The Holy Spirit right now; for we never know when our alloted time is up and if we have not come to the correct conclusion, our soul is in mortal danger of everlasting Hell.

We are all Forgiven, and we must explore that reality. How? Why?

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