05/09/2019 21:44

Friend, is there Joy in your soul?

Are you able to smile?

God wants us to rejoice because we know Him.

If we know Him as He wants us to, we will rejoice within and retain the state of Joy all though our days no matter what we face.


Because knowing Him, is life-altering for our soul.

Knowing the King of kings and Lord of lords; the Lamb of The Father, Who was slain for us; our Saviour-Redeemer is almost more than our insides can take!

Friend, remember that God is able to do anything and everything, that will help us to overcome anything He asks of us.

Being a Christian is not about getting blessings; even about getting healed or winning a million dollars.

No, being a Christian is about walking a path which Jesus asks us to walk with Him.


He wants to teach us things that change us into His Likeness; that help us to testify to others so the Kingdom grows.


Because this is our True destiny. It is our Holy Destiny to become like Christ and to show others the Way.


To save the unsaved others who are loved just as we are; to tell them that they are in a state of sinfulness but can be made whole; to be told that God has made a Way where before there was no Way - there was only the Law.

He wants us to read His Word.


His Word explains Who He Is, and reveals His Love for us.

It gives us encouragement; it satisfies all the questions; it illuminates His Promises to His followers.

The Bible is a beautiful Gift to us from The Word of God, (Jesus).

The Old Testament traces for us the geneaology of Jesus. It tells of prophecies for the future coming of Yeshua, Jesus.

God writes to us through holy men in those times who were so in tune with Him, that He gave them visions and encounters that proved to them His Existence and revealed His Character and Attributes.

We get an account of King David's boyhood and his life as King of the Israelites. We see David fail and fall and run from enemies but always keep his faith ,which in turn shows us that God is a Forgiving God; a Helper in times of need and stress.

We are just like David, human, flawed, sinful but hopefully able to believe in Almighty God as David was.

David rejoiced in God. He wrote songs of which the words are so beautiful; Psalms is the result of David's artistic endeavours.

God said of David, "He is a man after my own heart!"

God was pleased with David.

We can be just like David and God will be pleased with us.

We have the New Testament now which proves Jesus is The Messiah.

Yes, we can rejoice!

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It's A Choice

18/08/2019 20:52

Friend, Almighty God asks us to choose Salvation through His Son's work on the Cross at Calvary where evil was defeated; or outwitted some would say.

It's at the Cross that we come to know the Love of God for us, even while we were sinners, even before we were born and were known to become sinners.

Jesus chose to save the human race on Earth, from evil.

And, He wants us to choose Him in return.

Salvation is a choice.

The heart and mind must agree that the soul has sinned against God.

As that soul looks at the Cross and realizes that Christ is being punished, not for His sin - because there is no sin in Him, He is Perfectly Whole (Holy), but it sees that Jesus is being punished for the sin past, present and future of itself, (us, our soul).

The Holy Spirit brings each of us to the Cross. We stand there, our soul, with Him and contemplate in spirit, "What does the Cross mean to any of us, to me?"

Slowly we will begin to understand if we let down all the facades.

As we stand before the Cross with a seeker's heart to know what the significance of It is, God will meet us there and begin to tell us the Great Truths we need to know.

He recognizes each of us as individuals; having free will. 

The Bible, His Words to us, tells us that He knows the number of hairs on our head. And friend, do we not know that we each have vastly different numbers of hairs on our head?

Yes, He sees omnipotently where each of us is in our thought processes regarding Him.

He tailors our experience with Him intimately.

He knows our needs.

He withholds when necessary. He gives when it will reveal His Perfection.

This how He speaks to us.

Each of us must "walk" our own journey with Him, His Spirit and the Holy Ministering angels He asks to surround us and minister His Will. Do not be afraid; only be open and like a sponge, ready to soak up Beauty, Power, Love, Cleansing of the soul and Filling of the Spirit.

Only God can do this to Perfection.

And, He has chosen you today to reveal this informaation to.

It's a choice friend.

Admit to God you have lost your way and need His Help.

Will you go to the Cross to find your Way?

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Zechariah 2:13

17/08/2019 20:59

Be silent, all flesh, before The Lord.    Zechariah 2:13

Listen carefully to Me, and eat that which is Good (God's Word), and delight yourself in abundance.    Isaiah 35:2b

He Who searches the heart knows what the Mind of The Spirit is because He intercedes for the saint according to The Will of God.    Romans 8:27

Holy Truth seeds. Those Words should fall upon soft ground and bestow Wisdom to people.

God is speaking to us. He advises us to be still and come into His Presence.

Whenever we are troubled in any way we should immediately know that God is for us, and able to help us overcome any obstacle. 

This is how we should walk everyday; under His Holy Wings in Godly safety and protection from above knowing He loves and cares for us. 

He asks us to undergo trials at times but that doesn't always have to be our trial. 

Maybe we are needed to walk along side another. 

Maybe someone we know in the trial is the one who is going to gain something eternal. 

Maybe we can help by praying; being a spiritual friend; offering something from our hands. 

We should be available at all times. People should know they can go to you for truth.

He will guide and direct if we allow Him and all parties will come out renewed in spirit by obeying God.

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Hebrews Chapter 1

10/08/2019 21:44
Hebrews Chapter One.

2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds;

3 Who being the Brightness of His glory, and the express Image of His person, and upholding all things by the Word of His Power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;

4 Being made so much better than the angels, as He hath by inheritance obtained a more Excellent Name than they.

5 For unto which of the angels said He at any time, Thou art My Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to Him a Father, and He shall be to Me a Son?

6 And again, when He bringeth in the Firstbegotten (Jesus) into the world, He saith, And let all the angels of God worship Him.

7 And of the angels He saith, Who maketh His angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.

8 But unto the Son(Jesus) He (The Father) saith, Thy Throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of Righteousness is the sceptre of Thy Kingdom.

9 Thou hast loved Righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even Thy God, hath anointed Thee with the oil of Gladness above Thy fellows.

10 And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning hast laid (Creator of all things) the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of Thine hands:

11 They shall perish; but Thou remainest; and they all shall wax old as doth a garment;

12 And as a vesture shalt Thou fold them up, and they shall be changed: but Thou art the same, and Thy years shall not fail.

13 But to which of the angels said He at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?

14 Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation? (Born-again believers.)


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Serious Business

10/08/2019 21:10

Friend, do not be deceived by evil.

The intent of evil is to deceive, and evil is good at it.

Evil knows our limitations, weaknesses, and has an account of our sin; the skeletons in our closets.

Evil is behind every lie we have told; every sleight of hand; every bout of maniacal foolishness; the mindgames we play with others and ourselves; every unholy desire consumated.

With glee evil runs around high-fiving itself as it pulls us ever deeper into it's clutches.

Demonic beings gather in their lairs as they discuss our fall from Grace; gathering to see how they have pleased their master, satan himself.

Friend, decide today to unhitch your wagon from them.

Be determined to find the Way to cleansing and Forgiveness by God.

He offers it to you right now.

God understands. He knows you fell into the clutches of the great deceiver.

He will Forgive if you are ready to repent; change your ways.

He is ever present to help through the consequences of the sinful life you have been leading.

Maybe finding this blog and reading it's contents is a place for you to find out about God, in peace; no advertisements, no donations needed, no book to buy.

Romans 8:26b says "The Spirit Himself intercedes for us." (To God.)

When Jesus died and rose from the dead to sit at the Right Hand of The Father, He sent the Holy Spirit (also God) to earth to be the Counsellor, Comforter and Keeper of those who believe.

Romans 8:16  The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.

Believers have God to help them not lose their Salvation; to help them grow in God Knowledge; to help them strengthen spiritual muscle, mind, body, soul for the rest of their sojourn on earth.

What a great Gift!

We do not know what we need. 

God does. He sees all. He knew us before we were born.

The circumstances we are in now do not bother Him. He is acquainted with where we have landed, because His Law which no one can escape has been in play and our choices have spat out the consequences we are looking into the future at.

He has made a Way through the Great Offering of The Sacrifice of His Beloved Son as Payment for our sins.

He wants to know right now, " Is the Payment by His Beloved Son sufficient for you to stop all you are doing and turn to face Him and thank Him?"

This is God's constant "ask" of your soul.

When will you accept God's Plan for your Salvation/Redemption?

Now is the time.  


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The Heart Knows

01/08/2019 07:39

Friend, have you heard Jesus knocking at the door to your heart wherein He would like to take up His Throne and be your Guide through this life?

Too many of us deny Him.

We try to keep our head turned away. Our necks are stiff against Him. The heart is hardened and won't allow the gems of Knowledge to even fall upon it. The seeds of Knowledge and Truth fall on the hard ground; shrivel and die. Your assigned angels are at their wit's end trying to get the seeds to fall into a crack so they will sprout.

The Holy Spirit is in constant attendance over our souls and many do not allow Him to speak. He cries and groans to the Lord begging Forgiveness for our wantonness.

The heart of each of us knows these things.

We loudly deny, deny, deny but the Truth will be shown to us at the Judgement.

How we railed against God and His People and His Helpers; our fits of rage against Him when we didn't get what we thought we should have received; the clenched fist raised to the Heavens to show our disregard for His Law; the unrepentant acts of anger against His Will, His Way.

Yes all is recorded.

The heart knows.

We will see that we did know, what was going on and there will be no denial then, that God has every Right to Judge us, according to His Righteous Law, in order to be The Almighty God.

There is time right now to realize the Truth.

Now is the time to ask Forgiveness; in this lifetime - what is left.

Choose to take the Path of Righteousness; knowing that the consequences of your choice still face you, but the choice is for Redemption and Eternal Life. 

To stay on the old path is to choose eternal Hell.

Yes, the heart knows!

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God Thoughts - Above Ours

25/07/2019 22:07

Here is one thought, of many, that people have when thinking about God.

"How can God send people to Hell?" they ask.

"Isn't He supposed to be a God of Love?"

They just won't reconcile it in their minds. God's Law is placed in our heart, but we choose to listen to satan - like Eve. We go about wanting things to be our way; the way we think they should be so that, all we do, will be "ok" with God.

We want to be able to sin and have God say " Well done, little child."

But, friend, we are not God. His Thoughts are far above ours. We have evil in us.

He governs all things. We do not.

We barely govern ourselves because evil tempts us constantly, and makes inroads into our spirit and soul which affects our mind and body from an early age; changing the Good which we have seen before birth, (when our souls were in another dimension and privy to the FACT that God exists) into a new reality in this life, causing us to deny there is even a God, choose unwisely, enact ridiculous laws to benefit selfishness and so on.

All man's law's should stand side by side with God's Law. That is all.

Our minds become breeding grounds for all things evil teaches and shows us.

He sees all things. We do not.

He is The Creator of All Things that exist now and all things to come. He knows every hair on our head, every thought we have; and that of all He created. The trees, it is said bow to Him. All Creation knows it's Master Builder, Who holds the Keys to every single thing created no matter how small or large.

There is no getting around or hiding from, how Masterful and Brilliantly Perfect God Is. 

Eternal punishment to us seems harsh, but to God it is a loving thing to do for the majority of His creation that has not turned from Him; thereby culling the evil from amongst them, so there will be no more temptation for them in Heaven.

Man does similar "culling" here on earth. The alligator that terrorizes a village, we hunt and kill; and so for other predatory animals that stalk us and our families.

He is protecting the rest of us and His Heavenly Kingdom, from the evil that some souls cling to, and will not, and never will concede their place in the heirachy of Hell.

God cannot allow them to continue to infect their evil ways into His people who love Him and desire the Peace, Love and Security He can give them; not to mention even in this life, nevertheless, through struggles and trials they choose Him.

Many people cannot conceive of The Judgment, thinking God is angry at us and just wants revenge. Evil forces are at work to keep us sidetracked and cautious of loving God.

But in reality He has set His Law in our hearts and we just ignore it and do what we want, but that does not stop His Law from being in existence and being Just in every way. 

Holy Law stands forever and will not be denied it's due course. All in the Heavenly Realms are watching. We are surrounded by great clouds of witnesses the Bible tells us.

We should be able to understand that He has the Right to Govern in Truth, Justice and Love. He created all things and He owns all things. He is the Potter and we are just the clay until He gives us a part of Him, a soul, which we see revealed at birth.

Ultimately He wants a Peaceful Kingdom and He will have it.

We hear in the Bible that God is wrathful at times.

It is true. He is wrathful when the ones He created and made a beautiful home and existence for, wish to reject His Beauty, Truth and Justice for the ways of evil, even after being exposed to His Son, and what He has done for them.

God's Wrath is tempered by His Goodness, His Law and the Holiness of God the All-Knowing and All-Seeing Almighty Creator of Everything that exists.

He doesn't set out to be the mad potter who in a fit of rage destroys all he has created; no, He is the Just and Holy Righteous God Who when He sees the flawed vessel that will never do what it is created for; destroys it with great sadness.

Many preachers find that when they speak on these subjects that many in the congregation fall away and do not attend the gathering together of souls to learn and be encouraged. The financial aspects of keeping the church doors open cause some pastors to soften the message and in return they have lukewarm believers, baby Christians, but larger congregations who never grow in their faith which is required according to the Bible.

The reason for this is because all believers and even new seekers of Truth are not at the same level of understanding of the scriptures and may feel ashamed, or guilty, angry or fearful when they hear The Truth; and not return to church for further instructions from the pulpit of a truthful pastor.

After all, preachers are human too, and can only address the teachings to the best of their ability, and to the degree they are in close companionship with the Holy Spirit.

Some preachers have their own agenda to only teach a certain way or on certain subjects and leave out a lot of cross referencing in the Bible and some even do not reference the Bible at all.

It is up to the individual, to come into a close personal relationship with Jesus the Christ of God, to speak with Him, and learn of the things He chooses for each individual; for their spiritual journey that will lead them back onto the Path of Righteousness and up the mountain to levels and levels of Higher enlightenment in the Ways of The Law, and to step up, to be a help, to their local churches so people can be ministered to, with truth in offerings from the church like Bible Studies for all ages, and church sanctioned groups for fellowshipping and learning about Jesus.

Many preachers do not want to preach about Hell.

But friends, we should be open to hearing about Hell so that we can decide if that is a place for us or not.

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