Overcoming Struggles

12/07/2019 21:34

Friend, we all have daily struggles in many areas of our lives.

There are spiritual struggles against the enemy of faith and there are struggles in our work and personal life.

Struggles in all areas are tiring to the spirit, soul and body.

But, struggles show us that we have not succumbed to the enemy's wiles; we are still struggling against him and his evil forces.

The enemy of our soul has not won the battle!

That is good news!

The Word of God tells us to "Fight the Good Fight of Faith, lay hold of Eternal Life, whereunto you are called." 1st Timothy 6:12

First and foremost God asks us to pursue Him and His Great Gift, Eternal Life of Beauty and Perfection where no pain or anguish exists.

We must learn to speak to the struggle. We must use God's Word to defeat the evil forces that seek to overwhelm us.

Also, when we praise our God, He draws near to us. We have His attention when we praise and thank Him with words from our hearts, in love, in awe with humble hearts of who He Is.

Seek out praise and worship songs online, to sing along with to The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God will meet you in the singing. 

He will descend upon you to the degree that you open your heart to Him in love; giving you Holy Peace and Joy. 

He'll fill you with optimism and energy to tackle the struggles, and Godly Wisdom will flow from you for your decision making. 

And always remember, each struggle is part of a battle that is for a reason. Evil comes against us and God allows it because He wants us to lean on Him so that he can teach us by guiding us, encouraging and loving us through the struggles. God is able to turn a struggle into a victory over a particular vice or sin we have in our life that needs to be cleansed from our psyche.

God sees the Big Picture of our life here, both before and after our birth and death. He knows where each bad decision will take us and where we are destined to go with Him, if only we would follow His Guidance and Wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

The Bible encourages us to cast all our cares in the struggle onto Him. It says He will make a Way, where before there was no way for us but to descend into depression, illness, madness, and a lifetime of making bad choices that land us in places we never wanted to be.

In Revelation 3:5, 12, 21 God reveals these Truths.

He (all humans) that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the Book of Life, but I will confess his name before My Father. and before His angels. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple of My God, and he shall go no more out;and I will write upon him the name of My God, and the Name of the City of My God, which is New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of the Heaven from my God: and I will write upon him My new name. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My Throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with My Father in His throne.

Friend, this is a Godly Promise for Jesus is not a liar. What He says is always Truth.


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Emotional Healing

02/07/2019 07:46

Friend, there is healing to be had from our Lord Jesus.

Our emotional journey is important to Him as is our whole life experience.

This world, this body, this life causes us to have emotional scars.

It is a good thing.

It means you are alive; you are experiencing things, you're interacting with other people, you're making choices.

Life is a Great Gift even if you are experiencing abuse or shame and neglect.

Even if you're the one abusing yourself or others.

Everyday we hear of the bad things that happen; but there are also testimonies of people overcoming, rising above, shedding bad "juju."

Every life is precious.

God, in allowing us all the experiences we undergo is always drawing us to Him. He would rather that mother would not use and abuse her husband; the husband of another abuse and denigrate his wife; the pedophiles would not use children and on and on but we without Him fall into experiences that have demons attached to them which are out to destroy our souls and kill the body.

Friend, we should always call out to Him when we need what only He can supply.

Never give up on God but do give up on following evil ways.

Submit yourself to God and He will direct your paths.

Try that!

God is not a liar. 

He will walk with you and guide you onto the path of Righteousness. He will help you in the darkness to see the Light. He is the One Who can help you overcome every demon.

He is your only True Helper. 

He owns Peace and Love. 

He knows from examining your heart and mind, what you need to do first. 

We do not.

We think this or that is the way to get out of a mess we got ourselves into, but God sees all the players in the mess, and knows how to get each one to capitulate and allow us to move forward with Him. He is capable of sustaining every soul on earth at the exact same time. He is CAPABLE! He owns all the Power. Accept this powerful Being and know that He is Just and is Truth-filled. He is not the one who lies to us. He always tells the truth according to His Law, yet He is Ultimate Love. His qualities are full of Perfection. He is Faultless in everything He says and does.

He is Trustworthy. Trust Him.

Because our minds are always alert; always gathering and storing information; constantly reviewing what we have said and done, as well as what others have said and done to us, we are often drawn into the darkness and find it difficult to see the Light.

But, God is able to untangle all the madness we have accumulated in our brains that manifest in illnesses in our body and mind, and heal us when we listen to Him, read His Word as He guides our understanding, and soften the hard places in our psyches that are crying out from unhealthy living choices for help.





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The Question of, "Killing For God"

28/06/2019 21:07

It has come up for much discussion in the last few decades; although it has always been a question of stumbling along the Path of Righteousness; "Is killing in God's Name correct?"

First the answer is "No."

Wholesale killing of people who do not agree with our views is never sanctioned by God. The idea of eliminating groups or types of people based on colour, beliefs, morals, practices, principles, tribes, countries, politics or any other reason devised by wicked minds, is not called for by God.

Who are we to judge fairly, completely and according to Law, another person or persons; to know their innermost thoughts? Only God knows each individual; the heart and mind.

God desires that every one of us, even though a sinner most vile, would voluntarily seek Him when they are in distress and learn of His Love for them, choose to believe, and be a faithful follower of Him.

To God, we are the human race.  All of us. He sees our souls and spirits and judges our worth by our belief in His Son and what Jesus did on the cross for us. 

He alone will separate us at the appointed time in the afterlife when we stand before Him at the Judgment. 

Every soul knows that Judgment is coming. 

Many deny it but that only shows the state of their soul. 

Unbeliever. They are cheating God. 

He gave them this life to overcome sin and they, once receiving life and deciding that "there is no God," because of difficulties they have had, choose to live apart from God. 

But, God is everywhere and knows and sees all things. There is no fooling God. 

At the Judgment all is revealed and He alone will separate us.

The one who sneaks in the same door when we are weak-mindedly searching for God is satan and his demons. They are the ones who convince our high minded self that God would love us more and even make us a martyr if we were to kill His enemies. Those demons will even tell us that they are God, and point out "the enemies of God" they wish to have destroyed. They will use the Name of Jesus to convince you.

Don't be fooled. God does not need you to kill someone for Him.

No, those people who are killed in that way are the ones also, whom He seeks to have choose Him. They may be offending God but He alone knows how to bring them into the fold of God. 

To kill them off before they get a chance to turn from their evil ways and cry out to Him, is going against God's Law and Will.

Any religion that says it follows God's Law and sanctions killing another person for any reason is not a religion that God recognizes.

In the Old Testament, people were beholden to God's Law which did not include the Law of Grace, but were able to receive Mercy. We find that through men whom God had chosen and prophets, God guided His people the Israelites out of Egypt and gave them lands inhabited by heathens who never would accept Him because of their inherent evil which God saw clearly the fullness of. God ordered the Israelite warriors to "kill them all," in order for the Israelites not to be infected with the heathens evil ways in the land He ushered them into. 

But killing humans for God is not the case since His Christ paid the price for all sinners, and made a Way for us who would believe, under a New Covenant added to The Old testament Law, of which Jesus is the Judge. A Covenant which is for all people, not just the Israelites. At any time, on any day or night, a person may decide to accept the New Covenant and follow Jesus in humble thanks for the Holy Work of making a Holy Lawful Covenant for all. A New Way for Redemption has been added to the Law for mankind because God loves His Son and He loves His Creation and does not wish for any to perish under the Old Testament Law.

But it is each individual's choice while we are alive on earth, to make. For or against God. If we are for God then we are for all that He Is. There is no picking and choosing of His Attributes to agree or not with.

This is a new era and has been for 2000 years and counting. We live under the Law of Grace since The Great Sacrifice of The Son of God; until He, Christ, returns. 

We each can choose this Grace; the Law of The New Covenant. That is why the bible is called The good News. It contains the Good News that Christ died for our sins and if we accept His Sacrifice for our sins we can be Redeemed back into the fold of The Kingdom.

At an appointed time there will be Judgement of all souls. 

We must be born-again, washed by the Blood Sacrifice, saved into Christianity, faithful believers, who will be judged separatly at the White Throne Judgement where we will give an account of how we spent our time while here, and what we did with our resouces while here. 

Zealots, crusaders, fanatics who add their own interpretations to what the Bible says, are following their own self (human) made ideas and ideals, not following The Holy Spirit Who represents God on earth; Who is our Counsellor, Teacher, Guide and fully God, those will be made ready for the Great Judgment.

Today we can kneel at the Cross and lay our thought burdens, all our sins against humanity (which are ultimately against Him) at the foot of the Cross; and receive Forgiveness for repentant hearts and minds.

Search the soul and ask for cleansing of the spirit because of what you find therein.

It should be abhorrent to you. The Holy Spirit convicts us of the wilfulness within, the turning away from God, the immoral desires of the flesh, the high-minded thoughts of the mind.

God handed us a Gift of Life that we have not cherished in ourselves or in others.

The questions are; "Will you believe in Me? Will you obey My Commands? Will you have Peace from Me and will you Love Me for Who I Am?"




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Ego - Personal Pride

23/06/2019 21:30

Friend, many of us value our personal pride in who we are, what we do and say, and what we know.

How's that working out?

It's that ego that every human has - a gift from evil forces.

Have you found that there are many times when your pride is bruised or downright smashed?

Do you allow despair to overtake you in these times?

Well, that is what satan wants for you.

But, friend, God wants to show you the Way through pride to humbleness and the value of being humble spirited.

The humble soul is the one He can exalt to higher ground. It is the soul that will listen to Him, follow Him, knowing his Might and Power is used for Holy perfection of whatever lies ahead in this world fraught with dangers and traps set by evil.

From the lowly heart, God can extract beauty. From the ashes of a life wasted, God can bring forth beautiful perfumed flowers.

In short, He can make Beauty from the ashes of a life in ruins.

Do you not want this?

Who wouldn't?

Why go it alone fighting every spirit, every Heavenly help, tossing aside God's Help sent in Love and Peace to walk the path alone, not knowing what may happen, but always getting pushed down, thwarted; when He knows the Way for you to have a full happy spirit in this life, and how to be welcomed home in Heaven?

Today we should set aside the ego and look to Him; His Perfection, His Holiness, His Power, His Truth, His Provision, His Love.

The pride of man is abhorrent to God. It exalts itself above Him. 

The pride-filled heart is bent on "self." There is no room for God, to see Him or hear Him, certainly not to be guided by Him.

He sees the foolishness of it and is saddened by our sad state. But it's one He allows as it falls under His Free Will Gift to humans.

But He also made a Way out of pride for us, and He asks us to look at the Cross, and consider the sacrifice of His Son for us, even though we are set against Him, and do not have full understanding of what Jesus did for us.

Friend, wouldn't God's Gifts and Promises be amazingly great and wonderful for us? 

Is He not obligated as God, to give His people; adopted sons and daughters - grafted by the Blood of His Son into kinship with Jesus, all the privileges of the Kingdom of  Almighty God who created all things?

Really consider this fact. You either are or can be adopted into the Kingdom of God to receive all the benefits that a son or daughter would have as an adoptee. 

But, a pride in your own thinking, your own accomplishments, a pride in your physical abilities a pride in your own physical attributes; any pride that is not governed, surrendered and corrected by the Spirit will never mean anything to God because whatever you have or have done in any way that is cause for pride in you, has been either given or allowed by Him!

He will show you what healthy pride is.

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Hidden Glory

20/06/2019 21:31

Friend, God wills that you see Him, in all that He has created.

He wills that we do not worship the created things (our own kind too) but worship Him and Him alone; because in the worship we receive His Holy Peace and Love.

He meets us there. It is like fresh clean pure water for the thirsty soul. We are showered with Agape love. 

In worship, the act of giving, we receive far more than we give.

God looks upon the heart and mind of each individual worshipper and He cannot deny us anything that is in His Will and Law. 

Pureness of worship, begets pureness of blessing even when we are not asking for anything. He knows what we need and responds anyway.

No one can worship Him in Truth who does not believe. A believer has a need to praise Him.

God knows the heart of each of us and He knows when the heart and mind are in agreement. 

When we war against what our soul wants, we (helped by evil forces) create a barrier that our spirit gets battered against on one side and that God will not cross on the other. He has given us that birthright.

It puts us in a state of agitation. 

We don't have a clear view of the path ahead.

The future can't be imagined. The wall projects a false future to us and allows us to indulge ourselves, without God's influence.

Evil doesn't care. It loves to have us in various states of despair. We're so easy to manipulate in despair. We will easily take a drug or chase after some "high" to get us from one moment to another.

But God offers His Services to us constantly also.

His Word is a genuinely amazing book of letters to us. He has given us all the information we need to overcome, to grow in spirituality, faith and belief in Him, in the Holy Bible.

In our worship of Him, His Hidden Glory is displayed for all the Heavens.

When things coalesce in life for us, when there seemed to be no way; God is glorified when people are amazed that the path was made smooth for us.

There is only one answer. God did it.

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Stand On Solid Ground

13/06/2019 23:56

Friend, in the times of our lives we go through so many things; so many "ups" and so many "downs."

Oh, how we love the "ups!"

But it's important to know how to get through the "downs."

The "downs" in life are allowed so that our soul can learn; be strengthened and grow in knowledge.

They come to us by way of the demonic forces controlled by satan the enemy of God.

Those demons he lets loose from the pit of hell to torment, annoy and harass us.

Satan intends to groom us for his evil purposes. His hate and jealousy of Jesus is so intense that he will never stop of his own accord, the persecution of the human race on earth. He uses us to sell drugs to our fellow man. He uses us to steal and robs our fellow citizens. He uses us to murder each other. He is able to get in our thoughts and wreak havoc in our minds.

His way is to bring us ever deeper down into all of the vices of mankind.

Depression is a direct result of not knowing God, The Father of all things; not having complete trust in Him and not believing His Promises for His children.

When we know His Promises, we realize that depression has left us. The chemical imbalances have been equalized to His Perfection. We are eating what He offers and listening to His Word and desiring to know His Way, Will and Law.

We even start loving others and caring for others. We start to realize the "Big Picture" like never before. We understand the big picture we thought we knew is really the small mindedness of satan's flimsy fake world. And we believed him!!!

Yes, Jesus expects change in us. Because, friend, it is needed for our soul to flourish and bloom; to be useful for the Kingdom.

He is willing to Forgive; teach and guide us into a relationship with Him as Friend, Confidant, and Saviour.

We come to know He is Merciful. His Mercy for us and our day, is new every morning. The old is Forgiven and left behind. The new day is before us and Goodness awaits our every sense.

There is no need to fear, for He is with us.

Call Him, Immanuel, one of His Names; God with us. 

Holy Almighty and Powerful God, Perfect in every way is asking us to trust Him to keep us, to the last day. After we nailed Him to the Cross and He paid the price for our sins, we only need recognize Him for His Sovereignity over all things. Wisdom and Knowledge are freely given after choosing Him as Saviour.

No matter what He allows in our lives and there will be some trials because we are not perfect and need to be changed according to His Will and Law, we should never be afraid to trust Him and follow Him as He leads the Way through our day.

Just knowing that He is with you, should give you the strength to overcome minute by minute. With His Help you can pull yourself up out of the sinking sand.

Fight to stay on solid ground.



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Stumbling Over The Cross

25/05/2019 09:33


Friend, many people stumble in their seeking and searching for God when they consider, the Christian Cross.

It is unbelievable to them that a Good God would allow His only Son to die on a Roman cross, brutally beaten, innocent of all charges. That a pure, humble, teacher full of life and love for humanity would be chosen to take the punishment of billions of souls.

Why not the worst criminal; heinous, brutish and unrepentant? Wouldn't he deserve the punishment?

But God had a Plan. One that would satisfy the Holy Law and also successfully dupe evil.

He knew how to make a Way for His People who are caught in the clutches of satan; while allowing satan to think he had the upper hand, while being completely and Righteously Lawful.

And The One we know as Jesus, The Father's Son, was willing to carry out the Plan because He created us, and because His enemy, satan the once high positioned angel had corrupted humankind.

Only a Holy soul could fulfill the Law by taking on the punishment for all sinners, past, present and future. A sinful human cannot stand against Holy Law.

Did The Godhead, The Trinity, know that these things would happen; that mankind would be led into sin?


Did God know that only He could come to take away the sins of the people of earth?

Yes and He wrote Law; knowing all things.

But all things must be played out to satisfy Righteous and Holy Law.

All Creation is watching. God must show He is unchanging.  That His Law is Just. That His Law is Forevermore.

So, The Christ of God The Father, Jesus, willingly left the Holiness of Heaven to come as a baby and experience our humanity; be punished for our sins, die a horrible agonising death, fool satan, be Resurrected. 

Later to ascend to Heaven in full view of people in a transfigured body; showing those who believe, what is possible for them.

Those who stumble over the Cross; do not trust God to be Loving, Kind, Compassionate, All Powerful and Good.

They listen to the devil who says God is unjust, unkind, uncaring and unloving; one who lies.

But believer's understand that Almighty God is none of those things.

He was willing to save humans here on earth who were sinful and unbelieving in Him, by sending His Son Whom He loved, to die for us, to make a Way for us, to be reunited with Him in Heaven, to be granted entry into Heavenly places.

He could have said, 'Let them perish, I will not pay for their sin."

Instead, He shows His Love for us, by agreeing to carry out the Father's Will; leaving all His Power and Glory in Heaven to come as a helpless baby and suffer the indignities of the human existence for 30+ years from infant to adult man. 

Is this not showing Compassion, Kindness and Love towards us who are lower than His Son?

God is showing His Love for us in that He sent His Only Begotten Son to die for our sins because there was no-one else who could satisfy the Law.

This shows God's Justice but also His Mercy towards us.

He satisfied His Holy Law and made us Blood Covered with His Holy Son's Blood, to make us sinless when we stand before The Great Judgment.

Everyone of us is able to have this Blood Covering if we so desire. 

The Father asks us to recognize what His Son did for us.

Friend, don't stumble over the cross. Don't judge things from your human point of view.

Look into Who God Is and what He did.

When we look at the Cross, we should see a symbol of God's Love for us; a realization that Jesus shed Holy Blood which made a New Covenant. The Law given to Moses was added to with the Blood Covenant.

The Father says that we must recognize and follow His Son in order for The Father to recognize us. 

When The Father sees the blood covering He knows we are covenanted and grafted into the Holy Kingdom.




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