We're All Sinners

16/09/2020 21:25

Friend, God has addressed us in His Word; in that He says we have all gone astray from the Perfection in which He created us.

God calls it sinning.

To us, in these times when we have made all things immoral; unlawful to be lawful and acceptable socially, we find it hard to accept that sin is sin.

We want God to "allow" our special quirk/sin to be accepted because we have fooled the world into thinking that it is ok and therefore; God must get in line with our "new normal."

Our sinful nature gained from generational sinful thinking, behaviours and wanton dereliction of our duty to God, have become second nature and the once unjustifiable has become accepted as justifiable - (to many).

We basically have allowed the evil army to deceive us.

We haven't stood in agreement with God, His Law or His Will for us.

We have been willing to test Him to the limits of Who He Is and what He represents.

Has He forseen this happening? 

Yes, He has.

He tells us throughout His Word that these times we live in now, were coming. He warned us.

He also devised a Way that satan was not aware of, so that any of mankind could return to Him, in the dirty rags of a misspent life if need be, and receive Forgiveness and the Fullness of His Love.

The Cross had to come to be because of mankind's sinful ways.

His Son had to be accused while being wholly innocent; beaten, bloodied, nailed to the Cross to pay for the sins of humankind. Once the debt was paid in full; He, Jesus, God Himself,  was Resurrected in full humanity and Godliness; walked among men and women whole in body again, to show the Power of God. 

He then ascended to Heaven in full view of many people who were chosen to share their Truth of what they had seen; to prove the Majesty of God.

We are sinners, friend. Many of us could say that we are not because they truly live Godly lives, but God says, "ALL have come short of the Glory of God's Law, so it behooves us to say we are a sinner, because He says we are; knowing the innermost thoughts of a man.

Many do not realize they are a sinner thinking they have done nothing like murdering someone, but it's not the degree of sin, because the smallest sin to us is the same as the biggest sin to us in God's Law.

He kindly says we are The Lost because we have lost our way and are turned around and moving away from Him.

But, the "lost" signifies that we can be "found."

Jesus has found, you! He sees you! He offers His hand to you, one of His sheep in the Heavenly Fold.

Why do you leap away and hide behind the rocks, grazing, frolicking while the wolves close in around you?

Run to The Great Shepherd and receive a safe haven, love and encouragement, food for your soul and a contented life!

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Surrender All

16/09/2020 07:17

Friend, are you afraid to surrender all to Him Who died for you, to have a Way to be reunited with God?

Do you have a desire to throw off the old ways you have been living in, and embrace a new peaceful inner being?

Has life been challenging? Your soul feels heavy? The future looks bleak?

Has depression set in your spirit?

Friend, that is no way to live!

There is a Way that possibly you can see dimly in the distance, but the keys to opening the gate seem to be misplaced or lost by you, back in your youth.

Ok, God says that is not a problem. He knows the ways you chose before today. 

He was only able to record your comings and going, not interfere with your choices. He tried to warn, but your free will choices overruled Him everytime, until you had drowned out His Voice.

He has made a Way, that is a Free Gift, for your Salvation from the evil clutches of the satanic choices you previously made.

It is by Way of The Cross His Son was crucificed on, innocent and unflinching.

The Father asks you to consider The Cross. 

Learn of what was done on The Cross for you and all those who want Forgiveness and Salvation.

Yes, you can be Forgiven if you are willing to give up all your old ways and folllow Jesus, the One who was Resurrected so that you may have everlasting Life, not everlasting death, which is the path we choose if we do not choose The Path of Salvation.

Friend, it is not a trap. At times the Christian born-again path may not be easy in the natural realm, but in the spiritual realm, it is wholly fulfilling and life changing, spilling out into the natural, changing the course of the soul's path from demonic interactions to angelic care and guidance through God The Father, Son and Spirit.

We become new creatures in Christ.

The old ways pass away.

We hear and see differently. We no longer want to be of the world; having worldly ways that lead us into temptations to sin.

We love to know and hear about God.

We start to understand that God is Amazing; more than we ever thought He could be.

We see the Beauty in all He has created.

We receive from Him, Provision, Love and tender care and because we each need something unique, we find He meets us where we are and grows us from there.

All that is required is a steadfast unflinching love of Him, folllowing of His Will and Law, communicating with Him in openness through our waking hours, and agreeing with Him when asked to do something for Him.

Knowing His Great Goodness, we can fully trust Him; we learn.

Reading and studying His Word, The Holy Bible, brings great fulness to our lives. 

He has answers for our daily living contained in His Word. It's mystical how it conveys Great Truth to us and how our spirit is quickened when we read something that pertains to us. 

He uses His Word as we read it by His Holy Spirit who convicts our heart and mind first, then provides that understanding to us of our need to believe Jesus is speaking those Words to our soul and spirit.

Today is a new day! Let the depths of your understanding be made deeper by this new understanding; God loves you! He died for you! Your sins can be Forgiven! You can have a New Life in Him!

Take this opportunity, friend!

Ephesians 4:21

If you have really heard His Voice and learned from Him the Truths concerning Himself; then throw off your old evil nature.

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Choose Eternal Life

11/09/2020 11:22

Friend, do you wonder why Christians are so adamant that they will follow Jesus when you, yourself would never put your faith in such a foolish fairytale?

Do you wonder why someone you knew as a great "sinner" has turned away from that lifestyle and now goes to church and spouts off about how great Jesus is?

Such are the questions of millions of people.

The Bible has all the answers. 

It says those unbelievers cannot see because the devil satan has deluded them, their eyes do not see spiritually and their ears cannot hear spiritually; therefore the heart and mind will not accept spiritual things.

But God has made a Way for them to know spiritual things.

Sadly it is through pain, sadness and sorrow.

During these times of stress, we tend to say, "Why me, why this?"

If we listen for an answer we will hear God speak to us in hushed tones.

"Because child, I love you. I am desiring of your attention before it is too late for you. Are you ready to listen now and learn of Me and what I have done for you?"

Many of us, say, "Yes, Lord, yes!"

That right there is the beginning of our personal relationship with Almighty God, Father, Saviour and Holy Spirit.

It's because at that low point, when all the world's mess is stripped away, in our pain of mind, heart and body we let down the defensive walls we built with satan's help and His Voice is able to be heard because we are willing to hear. 

We asked the question and He reached out His Hand to us immediately.

This new beginning involves a complete turning away from how we once were (repentance), acknowledging our need for Forgiveness and a taking up of our own Cross because now those other unbelievers have lost a "buddy," who helped make their lifestyle choices acceptable, and they do not wish a believer to have any joy.

But God provides for us in so many ways that what they do to us is nothing compared to the Love and Committment we have from HIm.

The Promises He extends to us are written in stone.

Only if we change our mind or run back to the vomit of our past life like a dog who eats it's own vomit and faeces, will we not have The Promises of God.

And if once saved by Him, should He go to the Cross again for such a one who is not capable of standing firm after having received such Grace and Mercy?

The Promise of Eternal Life in The Kingdom of The Almighty God of Goodness, Truth, Justice, Perfection, Beauty and all the myriad amazing characteristics of a Holy God is a Great Gift that Jesus The Son of The Father, died for us to have.

Claim it now!

Just say "Yes, Father. I believe. I see now. Teach me."

As your faith grows from reading His Word; which is a family history you have now been grafted into; you will become whole in Him.

This is why you were born. To have a relationship with God.

Many throw their birthright away.

Don't be one of those.

The short benefits of sin in this lifetime are not worth throwing away the Glory of Eternal Life with Him.


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No Effort - No Gain

06/09/2020 17:24

Friend, have you given your soul to the Lord; and yet the Promises of Christ just don't seem to be yours?

Are you flailing around believing that you can have all things, and yet you don't?

Nothing's changed much in your circumstances since you became a born-again Christian?

You feel like giving up and returning to your old ways because for you, as usual, nothing works?

Well, stop that thinking right there!

Could it be that you have not surrendered all to Him?

Have you been holding back, not giving of yourself to His Will, and waiting for Jesus to do everything for you? You want Him to send His Mighty angels to surround you and make ways for you to have all the things you want?

Friend, we must lay-hold of the Promises of Christ with every fibre of our being. They are the things we must desire. Godly things. Not the "thing" of this life we want.

God knows what we need to be His children and He sees that most of our wants will keep us from being His children.

We must not only believe in Him we must learn of God; of His Ways and His Will and Law; which is truly what our soul desires. 

The lusts of this life are dominant in our minds because that is what we are exposed to from birth, by way of television and other forms of childhood entertainments, which then continues throughout our life until we desire all the things of the world and not the things of God.

We should read His Word to find out what happened to someone like us. What did they do that pleased God that allowed them to live out the Promises of God?

Satan continues to attack the new child of God, even after they're born again into the Fold.

We must actively fight satan who strikes in our minds. He uses doubt and fear to coerce us into thinking God will not help such a one as ourselves.

Satan loves to remind us that we're still a sinner.

Like God is not aware of this? No, The Blood of Jesus who died for us, who shed His Blood in payment for our sins washes us clean.

Jesus is not coming again to pay for anyone's sins. He came once and paid the price for all who would receive it.

Don't listen to satan. 

Listen instead to God. Read His Word. He tells you everything He wants you to know in it. He explains in words from the visionary prophets and disciples, in stories of humans like us and in the history of Jesus, many things that we need to know and have faith in; His Goodness and Power over all things. 

We must never shrink back when satan attacks us in this way. We must be bold and speak out that Greater is Jesus who lives in my heart than the evil ones who strike out at me.

I can overcome all things evil, through holding the hand of My Saviour, who died for me to be an overcomer of evil in this world.

Clearly state, "I will not give in to that fear! I am His who died for me! His Blood covers my sin and I am working to become an overcomer through Him who loves me!"

Sadly for us, satan knows every fear we have. He assigns demons to us and works in the background of our lives from childhood.

But, friend fear not,  this is part of God's Purpose for now. He is in charge and if we surrender to Him our ego, our manliness, our strength of mind and will, He is able to help us.

If we do not surrender our will to His Will, life will be very hard.

Accepting that His Way is best and will bring about the results He desires for us, life will be easier. Many will look at us and think "Wow, such a hard life, but they take it so well." 

But no, it's the Light of Christ burning so brightly in our soul, continually fed by a close relationship to Him, that is helping us to walk though trials and tribulation with calmness, knowing He is in charge and will bring about a good result according to His will and Purpose for us, that they see.

Soon, we become spiritually mature, and our faith and the way we deal with things becomes second nature or rather, first nature to us!

We are living boldly our faith in Him, and it is directed to Him in adoration for all He does.

There's effort, but much is the gain.


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There's A Battle

03/09/2020 14:22

Friend, there's a battle.

There's a battle for souls.

There's a battle for your soul.

There's a battle for our children's souls.

These battles are part of a WAR.

Evil has declared war on Goodness.

Evil hates all things Good.

Evil has declared war on God, because He is Good.

Evil hates God and all He stands for.

Evil hates God's Law especially because evil has broken them all.

Evil constantly uses mankind to change God's Law in our hearts. 

In so doing evil conditions us to be immoral, against God's Law. 

Evil uses us to change man's law, which should align with God's Law, but does not anymore.

Now our laws are secular, not Godly.

Every day we hear about the laws of our country, state, city being changed to please the modern way many people live due to being manipulated by the evil one, satan and his minion demons.

Only today a law was passed that is a dagger to our Lord's heart. Young people may be used by their elders as sexual pawns for their and others pleasure without consent of the younger person, without parents knowledge, without any law to protect their rights as they grow older, and realize how they have been impacted mentally by those despicable acts.

We know that many predatory pedophiles are not sexually satisfied unless they overpower another; and youngsters are easily overpowered as are most women, with physical forces and abuses of all kinds.

The stories of survivors prove this; and those who died at their hands, the bodies reveal the tortures they endured.

It's true; evil has been attacking mankind since we were first gifted a journey here in the flesh.

Adam and Eve; our foreparents - the Godly line of inheritance which believers can be grafted into - of which I have been and many others.

It's true that times are ramping up and unless we repent and call on God for deliverance, we will be rushing hastily towards the time when Jesus will come again and fulfill the last prophecy in the Bible.

His Second Coming.

The Return of the Lamb of God.

The Appearance of our Saviour in the twinkling of an eye; coming in a cloud of Glory.

He comes to us this time, a King, not a babe King, but fully realized as God King.

The Bible says we will all know it is Him. Even the unbelievers will recognize Him.

There should be no Christian alive who does not want to share how Great God Is; so that others who do not know Him will have a chance to choose Him; to choose Eternal Life.

The world would be a better place if we denied all the sin in our lives, repented of all unrighteousness, turned towards God and asked for the Forgiveness that He offers, to all who repent and turn away from sin.

That Forgiveness is necessary.

We cannot call ourselves a believer, unless we have repented and received Forgiveness, from Him Who died for our punishment to be paid for.

Choose your side of the Battle between God and the devil soon friend!

I choose God's side because I have read the end of His Word, The Holy Bible where He reveals that He wins and many are turned away from His Kingdom to be in darkness but aware of every thing they have done.

I choose Jesus because I know He loves me and died so I could be free of condemnation.

I choose God because He is Perfect in all His Ways, He is Trustworthy and Truthful.

Believers, He has another road for us. He wipes away our tears; He causes us to forget those we knew or loved who cannot join us because they love sin more; and He provides a New Life in the Eternal Kingdom.


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Look At The Cross

28/08/2020 11:12

Friend, have you contemplated the Cross of Christianity?

Have you discovered the great meaning behind this symbol?

Do you realize without the Cross man would not believe in Eternal Life in The Kingdom of God?

It is our sin which created the need for The Cross.

It is a symbol of God, The Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit's love for us; and Their desire to have our soul saved and cleansed and to abide in The Kingdom of God, eternally; being a citizen of Heaven, having Heavenly duties in The Kingdom of God.

This symbol is going to be attacked, and it's many forms upon the earth are going to be angrily removed; trampled upon and burned at some time in the future by the ones who will not repent, who wish to live sinful.

Evil is going to have it's day and many will follow thinking it best to get rid of the Cross, which condemns their sin.

But it is our sin which condemns us. We are not our own. 

We have Free Will given as a Gift to us when we enter this world, but our soul is what causes us to live in our body and that soul is a part of God, created by Him to fill our earth body.

But friend, The Cross holds the Power of our Salvation.

It was upon the wood Cross of the Romans that Jesus was crucified for our sins to be forgiven. He was nailed to it an innocent man. 

Friend when a person decides to gaze upon The Cross with a heart yearning to know Truth, that one will come to a meeting place with The One who died on that Cross. 

As we consider the "why" of the Cross our Lord brings Knowledge to our heart. 

We see He suffered. 

We see the crown of thorns digging deep into His forehead and scalp. We see His arms stretched out the bones strung out so that muscles and tendons scream in pain, the nails pounded into his wrists/hands/feet the terrible wounds leaking His Precious Healing Blood onto the earth for us, the open chest wound from the spear to make sure He was deceased before sundown.

We also see the wounds from the beating and beard pulling and whip.

The angry and mean jeering from His accusers rings in our ears even today!

We wonder why The Father allowed Him to suffer.

And Jesus shows us in our spirit, that His suffering was for us. A price had to be paid to satisfy The Law; and He paid it once, for all who would recognise it and be thankful.

Then as we gaze longer at The Cross, we see that we are so guilty! Our own sin put Him there, not some others, but our own sin.

Then we wonder why He did that for humankind.

Eventually we get the answer.

Because He loves our souls that He created.

We were perfect and then; He gave us Free Will trusting we would not turn our back to Him.

But, we did turn our back to Him; and The Cross became necessary to save as many as as would find Him and love Him.

That's the Christians, born again of the Holy Spirit.


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Hosea The Prophet of God

14/08/2020 14:15

Hosea, a prophet of God Almighty had a ministry that lasted 40 years.

He received messages from The Lord in the 8th century bc; before Jesus was born.

He received these messages during the reign of four kings of Israel; Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah.

In his first message he was told to go and marry a known prostitute so that some of her children would be fathered by other men showing Hosea the pain of God in having His children worship other lesser gods and idols.

The Book of Hosea consists of 14 short chapters and is worth reading through over and over to find the messages that God gives to Hosea.

God shows how disappointed He is in the Nation of Israel, the kings of Israel and the government of Israel.

God speaks of how He will punish them for their unfaithfulness to Him; their idolatry of idols; their wicked ways and following after evil.

Lastly He shows Hosea how He brings restoration both to Hosea personally and Israel as a nation.

God is unhappy and Hosea is the recipient of His Confidence.

God speaks to him man to man, friend to friend, God to His faithful human.

We see He doesn't spare Hosea suffering and trials.

From this we can understand that we all fall short and we all must suffer.

But we know that faithfulness to God; walking closely with God will bring us restoration to God.

Hosea was flawed, his life was flawed but he believed strongly in Almighty God and the Holy Scriptures which gave him Knowledge. 

He was but a man whom God loved because of his faithfulness.

This short Book in the Bible shows us that when we have faith, God is able to minister to us and make ways for us; no matter what circumstances we have got ourselves into.

God shows us how evil overcomes us and destroys us when we don't gain Knowledge that will strengthen our faith.

Knowledge of God's Character should be a mainstay of our faith.

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