A New Year

02/01/2015 08:31

A new year has begun!

Give glory to God!

Friend, we have a fresh start!

Let's put all the trials and troubles of the past year behind us.  Let Jesus have the burdens and walk forward in faith, in Him who can do all things and bring all things together for good for you.

Remembering all the sins of others against you and the trials you went through only bring a sadness and disappointent to our lives that Jesus does not want us to entertain.

Today is a new day and the beginning of a new year which will bring it's own trials and troubles.  Do not dwell on the past imperfections of yourself or others. 

Bring them to the Cross and lay them there.  Leave with a lightness of being, unfettered by outside influences, only filled with the peace and joy that knowing our Saviour brings.

Speak to Him often during the day.  Let Him be the Guide and take His directions in faith filled hope.

He loves you, Friend.