A Touch From Jesus

11/03/2016 11:25

Friend, take time today to be alone with Jesus.

It is so important for your soul. And He loves to commune with you. He created you and died for you to have companionship with you.

If you are unsure of your belief in Him, speak to Him about it. "Lord, I'm not sure! If you exist, please help me believe."

If you believe, tell Him who you believe Him to be. Allow the Spirit to correct you and help you. You do not have to be perfect with your words. Just begin to speak to Him, ramble and mumble and cry, whatever. Just begin somewhere and daily gain more prayer ground until you have a great carpet woven of your prayers, to kneel on spiritually.

Perhaps you're a writer, then put pen to paper and write your prayers.

Eventually you will start with thanksgiving for His Goodness and praising Him for His Sovereignty and blessing Him for all He does for you and then asking for your needs according to what you are learning about Him in your prayer time.

You will realize that just a touch from Him can change the course of your life and others around you.

This is when breakthrough for your life comes in. You will begin to see changes all around you. Subtle changes that lead to bigger breakthroughs and answer to prayer.

Yes, a touch from Jesus when we are fully willing to be led by His Will is a healing touch, indeed.