A Wall Of Protection

25/06/2015 15:46

Friend, the Lord surrounds you with a Wall of Protection!  His Holy Spirit and an army of Holy angels will keep you safe!

All that is required is close communion with Him and obedience.  If we do not obey then we step out from the wall of protection and evil can and will attack us.

Remember that He is your wall of protection wherever you go and do not try or test Him, but be like a child whose hand must be held to keep him safe from the clutches of evil.

Wiful children always find themselves in bust-ups of some kind, because they do not heed a parent's voice.  Think back to your own childhood.  Were you wilful?  If so, you are more than likely wilful now you are an adult.  Even though wilfulness has not worked for you.

The world even celebrates wilfulness these days.  But God asks us to surrender that wilfulness to Him and He will show us a new Way. 

Give your hand to the Lord and tell yourself to follow and not lead.  One day you will see that you are walking in Godliness and the Lord has let go of your hand because you have learnt obedience and it's your source of pure joy.

Run to the Fortress that is your God and stay within the walls of protection for a while.  Surrounded by those walls you are safe and free to get to know Holy Jesus, your most Loyal Friend. Be blessed!