A Word From Charles Spurgeon

10/10/2014 14:38

My heart's desire is that as you have come so far you may now yield yourselves up to Jesus. That is the way of salvation: have done with self-salvation and let Jesus save you. When a man is in the water, if he kicks and struggles he will drown, but if he lies still he will float. When another comes to help, if he will be passive he will be saved, but all that he can do will hinder his deliverance. Be passive in the hands of Christ till He gives you life to be active with. Be nothing, and let Him be everything. Trust Him wholly and alone. Drop into His arms, and let Him bear the weight of your sins and sorrows, and it shall not be said of you any longer that you are not far from the kingdom of God, but it shall be sung on earth and in heaven—"He has returned to the Shepherd and Bishop of souls, glory be to God!"      Charles Spurgeon